Endowed Beverley Taylor Sorenson Arts Learning Program

About the Program

The College of Fine Arts is committed to the preparation of new teachers as well as providing professional learning experiences for in-service educators to create and deliver high quality integrated arts curricula in K-6 classrooms.

The University of Utah partners with the Utah State Board of Education to increase the quality and quantity of arts education for elementary students by providing Utah’s public educators in grades K-6 professional learning experiences in the arts to support highly effective teaching and learning.

ArtsLINK logo v3The Endowed program offers a pre-service Arts Integration Conference entitled ArtsLINK. ArtsLINK provides students: (1) Content Knowledge: The basic elements of arts integration; (2) Implementation: Experience collaborative planning and the mechanisms required to develop effective arts integrated curricula; and (3) Application: Practical teaching experience by teaching “mini” lessons to elementary grade level students (grades K-6).

Beverley Taylor Sorenson 

elemschools 1“It’s what little children do. They sing, they dance, they create. We have a responsibility to help these children reach their full potential, and that can only be done by keeping the arts in education.” -Beverley Taylor Sorenson

Throughout her life, Beverley Taylor Sorenson was a tireless champion for the arts. She began developing an integrated arts teaching model in 1995 by collaborating with arts education professionals, state organizations, and higher education institutions throughout Utah. In 2008, the Utah State Legislature adopted the model, named it the Beverley Taylor Sorenson Arts Learning Program in Beverley’s honor, and has since provided the funding needed to place the program in a portion of elementary schools across the state. Right up until her passing at the age of 89, Beverley was a fixture at Capitol Hill, and she committed her time and efforts to lobbying the legislature for more funding to ensure that every elementary child in Utah receives the benefits of an arts-rich education through this program. Learn more about Beverley Taylor Sorenson’s generous contributions to arts education in the state of Utah.

Meet the Team

Assistant Dean, Kelby McIntyre-Martinez: Director of the Endowed Beverley Taylor Sorenson Arts Learning Program (BTSALP)
KelbyMM copy 300x400Kelby McIntyre-Martinez draws upon years of experience as an arts educator, choreographer, and director in the field of Theatre for Young Audiences. Mrs. McIntyre-Martinez currently serves as the Assistant Dean of Arts Education and Community Engagement in the College of Fine Arts and the Program Director of the Endowed Beverley Taylor Sorenson Arts Learning Program. Mrs. McIntyre-Martinez works with elementary schools to provide professional development support in the field of arts education to classroom teachers and art specialists. She has done extensive collaborative work with school districts, universities and non-profit organizations to create quality educational fine arts programs for youth that are more inclusive and accessible to the greater community. She is adjunct faculty in the Department of Theatre at the University of Utah and is an active board member for the Dance and the Child International’s (daCi) Utah Day of Dance.

Seth Pendergast: Endowed BTSALP Teaching Assistant 
SethP 300x400Seth Pendergast is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in Music Education at the University of Utah where he teaches and assists with a broad range of classes. Throughout his doctoral program, he has worked to develop scholarship that addresses issues concerning adolescent motivation and interest in school music programs. Recently, he contributed two book chapters to the textbook General Music: A K–12 Experience (Kendall Hunt Publishers) on alternative technology based music courses for secondary schools and has also conducted research regarding public school students’, university students’, and current music teachers interest in alternative music programs. Seth taught choir and general music for seven years at McLaughlin Middle School in Lake Wales, FL. Seth holds a Masters in Music Education from Florida State University. He is a member of the American Choral Directors Association, Association for Popular Music Education, National Association for Music Education, Society for Music Teacher Education, Society for Research in Music Education, and Technology Institute for Music Educators.

Our Reach

Utah School District map showing University of Utah's reachThe University of Utah works in partnership with the following districts to provide quality arts integrated professional development support (click on map to enlarge): 

  1. Salt Lake City School District
  2. Granite School District
  3. Canyons School District
  4. Murray School District
  5. Tooele School District
  6. Tintic School District
  7. Guadalupe School
  8. Canyon Rim Academy


University of Utah BTSALP Professional Development Partners

Dianne Krehbiel 300x300Dianne Krehbiel: Before joining the BTSALP team as a professional development partner, Dianne taught elementary music in the Beverley Taylor Sorenson Arts Learning Program and with the original Art Works for Kids! pilot. She was privileged to work with Beverley in the design of the program and in implementing Beverley’s vision for children in Granite School District. Developing a strong sequential music program that helps connect the curriculum to the child was the highlight of Dianne’s 41+ years of teaching, which also included teaching secondary choral music, elementary music in a variety of configurations, and in the elementary classroom. 

Jen Terry is the elementary art integration coach at Alpine School District who works with K-6 classroom and art educators on how to authentically integrate art into the classroom. Jen believes that using art integration connects learning into purposeful, experiences that are meaningful and worthwhile for the teacher and student; creating wonder and joy in using artful thinking in establishing lifelong learners. Jen Terry holds a BS from Utah State University in Early Childhood Education with a visual art emphasis and is currently working on a M.Ed. in Integrated Curriculum with American College of Education. As a practicing artist, Jen creates glass sculptures; mixed media collages and is a curator of children’s picture books to bridge stories and ideas into the hearts of children and educators.

Rosemary Rosie Mitchell 300x300Rosemary (Rosie) Mitchell: Prior to joining the BTSALP Professional Development team at the University of Utah, Rosie Mitchell spent eight years as a visual art specialist with the Beverley Taylor Sorenson Arts Learning Program in Granite School District and she is the proud recipient of the 2016 “Sorenson Legacy Award for Excellence in Arts Education” and the 2012 ARTS Inc. “Outstanding Arts & Education Educator of the Year Award”. Preceding her work as an art specialist, she enjoyed 26 years in the elementary classroom where she earned a technology endorsement, gifted and talented endorsement, an elementary art endorsement, and a 2012 EXCEL Outstanding Educator award from the Granite Education Foundation. Throughout her entire teaching career, Rosie has gone above and beyond to give children opportunities to explore the world through art in various ways and has done this with exemplary collaboration and networking in the field.