Staff Directory

Dean's Office

Raymond Tymas-Jones - Dean/Associate VP for the Arts
Sarah Projansky - Sr. Associate Dean for Faculty & Academic Affairs
Liz Leckie - Associate Dean for Undergraduate Student Affairs
Karineh Hovsepian - Assistant Dean for Finance & Operations
Brooke Horejsi - Assistant Dean/Executive Director of Kingsbury Hall
Kelby McIntyre - Assistant Dean for Arts Education & Community Engagement
Sydney Cheek-O'Donnell - Associate Dean for Research
Cami Rives - Executive Assistant
Lynette Holman - Administrative Officer
Jasmine White - Administrative Officer
Kerri Hopkins - ArtsBridge Program Coordinator
Jennifer Green - Financial Analyst
Kathryn Atwood - Executive Director of Development
April Goddard - Development Officer
Samantha Matsukawa - Development Assistant
Devon Barnes - Major Gift Officer
Noelle Sharp - Community Relations Specialist
Marina Gomberg - Associate Director of Communications & Marketing
Molly Powers - Communications Specialist
Anna Oldroyd - Marketing & Communications Coordinator
Andrew Grace - Academic Advisor
Jennifer McLaurin - Academic Advisor
Emily Beard - Academic Advisor
Chris Roberts - Information Technology Director
Holly Christmas - Sr. Web Software Developer
Jon Watkins - Systems Administratorr
Andrew Leiker - IT Specialist

Art & Art History

Paul Stout - Department Chair
Cheryll Brog - Scheduling Coordinator
Tara Albanese - Office Assistant
Janet Soller - Accountant

Janine (Jenni) Evans - Executive/Graduate Secretary
Shawn Porter - Facility Supervisor
Amelia (Amy) Walchli - Visual Resources Specialist


Luc Vanier - Director of the School of Dance
Glenda Staples - Administrative Officer
Sara Francis - Executive Secretary
Sean Carter - Office Assistant
Wayne Coons - Assoc Instructor - Head Musician
Vilena Barekyan - Assoc Instructor - Accompanist
Svetlana Vasilenko - Assoc Instructor - Accompanist
Lisa Haddon - Accompanist
Tristan Moore - Accompanist
Sarah Richards - Accompanist
Kaz Speirs - Accompanist
Kimball Whitaker - Accompanist
Elizabeth Diansongi - Assoc Instructor - Costume Tech
Clea Austin-Hurst - Costume Design Tech
Ben Sandberg - Assoc Instructor - AV Specialist
Isaac Taylor - Assoc Instructor - Technical Lighting Director

Film & Media Arts

Kevin Hanson - Department Chair
Paula Lee - Program Manager
Jennifer Humphreys - Office Assistant


Miguel Chuaqui - Director of the School of Music
Jessica Napoles - Associate Director, School of Music 
Michelle Coulam Addison - Administrative Officer
Joshua Clark - Administrative Assistant 
Lisa Chaufty - Director, McKay Music Library
Mary Ann Dresher - Academic Advisor
Natalie Herrick - Account Specialist
Claudia Horton - Facilities Coordinator
Spencer Kellogg - Library Technical Specialist
Brittany McGee - Executive Secretary, Athletic Bands
Gretchen Tanner - Director, Preparatory Division
Cassie Taylor - Director, Piano Outreach
Clinton Taylor - Piano Technician/Tuner
Autumn England - Development Assistant


Gage Williams - Department Chair
Megan Whittaker - Executive Secretary
Colleen Hirst - Accountant
Wendy Massine - Costume Shop Manager
Arika Schockmel - Props Designer
Josi Dubois - Marketing & Comm Coordinator
Alex Marshall - Music Director
Penelope Marantz-Caywood - Artistic Director Youth Theatre
Halee Rasmussen - Assistant Technical Director

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