CFA's Paige Tinsman is Advisor of the Month!

February 27 2023

The University Academic Advising Committee announced that the January 2023 Academic Advisor of the Month is College of Fine Arts’ Academic Advisor Paige Tinsman!

Advisor of the Month is an award in which staff on campus who have academic advising roles can give their advising peers recognition for their ability to go above and beyond in their roles and with students. 

From the nomination:

  • "My advisor, Paige Tinsman, was super helpful in showing me all of the resources available to me when it comes to scheduling and answering my questions! Overall my experience was quick, easy, and informative."

  • "[My appointment] went really well! I met with Paige Tinsman and she helped me feel very comfortable and educated on what steps to take next." 

  • "Paige is one of the most detailed advisors I have worked with and is constantly asking questions and pushing for change in support of student success. In the past month, Paige has noticed errors in the degree audit that have existed for years and made a case for them to be adjusted. This is just one example of the many ways Paige advocates on behalf of students."

  • "As the Spring Semester started, Paige did invaluable work, both proactively and reactively to ensure that Fine Arts students were on track to pursue the degrees they want. In particular, she reviewed the schedules of all first-year Graphic Design students and reached out to students who were missing classes that are required for advancing into the Second Year of the program. Given how strictly structured this program is, this is vital work. Then, as the add/drop period came to a close, Paige met with 16 students via our virtual drop-ins in a single day!"

  • "Paige is an exceptional advisor with superb attention to detail. She has taken on a complex project of tracking of graphic design students over the last few months. This has positively impacted students ability to navigate the program and helps faculty and the department understand the curriculum and students' path to graduation."

We join the UAAC in applauding Paige for her dedication to our students. Bravo!