Warnock Artists in Residence want YOU this Friday (it involves videogames)!

April 17 2018

Below is a call for participants from our prestigious Department of Art & Art History's  Warnock Artists in Residence, Eva and Franco Mattes. This “hactivist” duo, who are originally from Italy but who are working now in New York, are considered pioneers of Net Art and their work investigates the ethics and politics of the Internet and online behavior. 


This is Eva and Franco Mattes, Warnock artists in residence at the University of Utah. We’re looking for participants for our next performance. It’s going to be this Friday, April 20!  

We will all gather in a computer lab on campus, connect to an online videogame, and will have the most amazing discussion you ever had about the “representation of violence”. Occasionally we may all get killed by other gamers, unaware of our ongoing experiment, but this won’t demoralize us, and we will keep going back to chat, again and again and again. NOTE: No technical skills required, you don’t need to be a gamer, it’s more about chatting. And we will have food and beverages. 


WHEN: Friday April 20, Noon to 5pm (You can come in and leave whenever you want) 
WHERE: ART Building, Owen Reading Room #365 
QUESTIONS? Contact Natalie Oliver (785-220-4463)