We live in a world aching for justice

March 20 2021

The call is loud and nuanced and is leaving too many people in its wake.

As we grapple with the pain of what is an increasingly endemic radicalization of racism toward Asian and Asian American communities, we are including our voices in the explicit call for the end of hate and violence — in all its iterations.

As artists and arts scholars, we have a particular awareness of the impact our representations of ideologies can have on our society. We see the structural inequities in our own domains that affect those whose work is canonized and whose stories are told and how, and we feel an increasing urgency to dismantle the systems that centralize some and marginalize others.

We are, in many ways, the authors of the cultures in which we live. Our work to expand consciousness, erode misunderstanding, and move society feels as necessary as ever for many of us.

While we continue this work, we want to make it abundantly clear that our values are rooted in justice, equity, diversity and inclusion. We invite all those interested to engage with us.


Dean John W. Scheib, and members of the CFA’s Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Committee:
Sonia Albert Sobrino
Melonie Buchanan Murray
Elizabeth Craft
Stephanie Garcia
Marina Gomberg
Karineh Hovsepian
Lizzy Ivkovich
Brian Manternach
Sai Nitish Paladugu
Pablo Piantino
Sarah Reichel
Aathaven Tharmarajah
Xi Zhang