2014 ArtsForce Conference

October 4, 20142014 Conf
CFA students networked with alumni and local arts organizations, built career management skills, and explored multiple career pathways. See photos here


In the opening address, we will take a look at the 2013 University of Utah College of Fine Arts alumni responses to the Strategic National Arts Alumni Project (SNAAP) survey. This has helped us pinpoint your needs, and it will help you prepare to leave this institution better equipped for transitioning into the modern workforce. In addition to the SNAAP results, the opening address will include a panel of successful alumni; they will share their stories, experiences, and valuable advice. Come learn why your arts degree is so valuable in today’s social and economic climate.The SNAAP 2013 Institutional Report by the CFA Emerging Leaders, can be found pdfhere


In this workshop, you will learn how to strategically design your career to ease the transition from school to the workforce. Four professionals, considered experts in their fields, join us to speak about a myriad of career topics.Liz Leckie, our Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Affairs,  will spearhead the workshop with a revolutionary look at goal setting. Greg Hatch, the Fine Arts Librarian at the U’s Marriott Library, will follow with a presentation on how to purposefully and strategically research opportunities in the arts (take a look at his ArtsForce website here!) Marina Gomberg, a PR professional with nearly a decade of experience, will discuss the importance of  your social media and web presence, explaining how to actively manage it. And finally, Kelly Dries, a fun and innovative Career Counselor from the U’s Career Services, will talk about networking and building a professional image. This workshop is a one-time opportunity, so make sure you’re there!  


The ability to network is a critical skill, whether you work within or outside of the arts. To many students, the idea of talking to professionals and peers outside of their friend group can be frightening—ArtsForce will help you to overcome that fear. Last year, the networking workshop was a huge success. Students said they left the event feeling “much more confident and assured” and exclaiming, “Networking isn’t that hard!” This year, you will have freedom to choose what organizations and professionals you engage with.


There are three panels offered at ArtsForce: Arts and Community, Arts and Business, and Arts and Education. You have the choice of attending 2 out of 3 panels.  Read below for descriptions of each panel. 

The important relationship of arts and community can lead to important opportunities for you to strengthen your skills while in college and beyond. Through a discussion of arts non-profits and other arts-oriented organizations, you will find places to volunteer, become a leader, and share your talents. You will also learn about arts advocacy: what is it, why is it important and what kind of resources are necessary to participate. Don’t miss out on this fun and original panel!

Attend this panel to learn about educational opportunities outside of the classroom that can further your arts education. You will learn how you can be an advocate for your own learning experiences. Panelists will share how their educational experiences opened up career opportunities for them inside and out of the arts.  You will learn about various educational pathways - such as internships, graduate education, job training, and apprenticeships.

As an arts major, you need the best knowledge and advice in order to succeed as a young professional in the competitive world of the arts. In this panel, we will discuss the relationship of business and the arts. Topics include: entrepreneurship, arts administration, and the importance of financial literacy in producing creative work. Come prepared with your questions and concerns, because at this panel, we have answers!