Family Arts Festival at University Neighborhood Partners Hartland Youth Center

September 12 2018

The CFA Arts Education Team has had an 11 year presence at the University Neighborhood Partners Hartland Youth Center. The Hartland Partnership Center is part of an expanded effort by the University of Utah toward civic engagement—a recognition that active collaboration between University and community groups can enhance learning, teaching, and research. This model works because the resources fit the reality and a culture of reciprocal sharing and learning permeates the center.

So in an effort to invite new families from the Glendale Neighborhood into the space, the Arts Education faculty, two Master of Arts in Teaching students, and the Latino Community Arts Advocate implemented a back to school Hartland Family Arts Festival on Thursday, August 16, 2018 to bring attention and buzz to the Hartland Youth Center and all of the enrichment programs that are offered during after school hours.

Arts Education Hartland Family Data/Impact/Reach:
The count of attendees for the event was 75 parents/youth. Thirteen new families that have recently moved to our City and the neighborhood from Uganda, Burundi, and Mexico are now plugged into to the services at Hartland. One mother explained to the staff (via her daughter’s translation) that she had been scared to come to the Hartland building because she did not speak English, but when she heard the music and saw the art, she gained the courage to come.

Access and empowerment are central to the Arts Education Program at Hartland. Whether it is access to youth arts programs across Salt Lake City or higher education, the Arts Education faculty and students want the youth and their families to know that anything is possible and their voice, talents, and experiences are valued.