Andrew Grace, PhD

CFA Academic Advisor

Pronouns: he/ him/ his

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Office: Film and Media Arts Building, room 002

Hailing from the shores of Lake Superior in the coldest part of Minnesota, Andrew spent the first twenty-nine years of his life keeping warm by reading books indoors. Eventually, the University of Oregon gave him a Ph.D. for that. In 2016, he joined the Fine Arts Advising Team, where he works with the coolest and most creative students on campus. Off campus, he spends too much time binging media content with his wife and two cats, D’Artagnan and Astrid (Fun fact: D’Artagnan loves you!). Sometimes, he rides a bike or climbs a wall or tries to write a YA sci-fi novel.

Advising Philosophy:

As an Academic Advisor, I work to help students see how the pieces of their education fit together. After a decade of teaching as a classroom instructor, I became an Academic Advisor because I want to help students more holistically. I believe it’s vital that students pursue the education and goals they find meaningful, and I know this can require more than a little creative thinking, planning, and troubleshooting.