Samuel D. Banford

CFA Academic Advisor

Pronouns: he/ him/ his

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Office: Marriott Center for Dance, room 126

Legend has it that Samuel was born on a college campus deep in the wilds of Texas to two Spanish professors. Perhaps this is why he feels at home in academics. Mythos aside, Samuel has worked in higher education for 8 years. Prior to working at the University of Utah, Samuel worked as an academic advisor at Utah Valley University. In his spare time Samuel knits, plays video games, and cuddles his dogs, Ximena and Edward. He only cuddles Betty, his cat, when she deems it necessary. 

Advising Philosophy:

I believe the purpose of advising is to assist students navigate their higher education experience. I try to always be mindful of the individual. Degree requirements may be the same for a set of students, but each student’s experience is unique to them. When I advise students I aspire to have an open conversation.