Lassonde's "Coffee with Creatives" series will feature CFA Creatives

February 23 2017

Coffee with Creatives is a monthly series hosted by the Arts Entrepreneurship program at Lassonde Studios that brings creative professionals from all around to speak to students about how they have succeeded in the creative industry professionally, or how their arts background plays into their work.

This falls in line with the Arts Entrepreneurship goals to provide programming that sits at the intersection of arts and industry. We want to teach creatives about all the opportunities they have ahead of them, and teach entrepreneurs how to endow more creative spirit in their work. So for those looking for a jolt of inspiration with their morning coffee, Coffee with Creatives is the way to go.

Coffee with Creatives dates:

  • Film and Media Arts Professors, Sonia and Mirriam Sobrino, on 2/24 at 10AM located in the Neeleman-hangar
  • Assistant Dean for Art & Creative Engagement, ED of UtahPresents, Brooke Horejsi, on 3/23 at 10AM in Lassonde Studios.