Recap of ArtsForce’s Persona to Person: Networking Across Mediums

October 25 2017

By the ArtsForce Team. Photo by Daniel Stergios.

Big thanks to everyone who came to the Career and Professional Development Center for our second ArtsForce Workshop!  Also, big thanks to Crystal Young-Otterstrom and Mary Stringham for coming out from the Utah Cultural Alliance to share their experiences when it comes to the nitty-gritty of networking. The Utah Cultural Alliance serves as a bridging voice for art and humanities promoting advocacy, awareness, and professional development. As they connect to communities and organizations networking skills are a must and Crystal share with us the ways she feels are best to make genuine connections and building a network.

Some things to keep in mind when networking:
- Start your network now
It becomes apparent the more you network that everyone knows everyone, so do what you can to be someone that people want to work with. You never know how someone may affect you professionally later on.

- Know your audience
Cater your discussion to who you are talking to. Make the conversation relevant to what you want out of this branch of your network.

- Be genuine
While many times these discussions are about business, they are still people, be relatable and enjoyable to talk to. It's okay to be yourself and let them get to know who you are as a person.

- Get to the point
No need to fluff things up too much and drag the conversation out. If you have a point, make sure you reach it without taking forever.

- Follow up
This will help to differentiate you and make you memorable. 

If you are unsure how to do this, ask them for the best way to keep in contact. Eric Bloomquist, University of Utah Career Coach, put together materials to assist attendees to start networking. Thanks, Eric. If you are current CFA students and would like to use these materials, they are posted in the ArtsForce Canvas Community.  Not a member of ArtsForce, join here. Want to know about our upcoming ArtsForce events, see our calendar here.

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