Dreams, Goals, Reality: Clarifying Your Future.

November 14 2017

On November 3, 2017, ArtsForce held our final workshop of the fall semester: Dreams, Goals, Reality: Clarifying Your Future. We invited a panel of six working arts professionals, many of whom were graduates of the College of Fine Arts. It was extremely beneficial hearing from recent graduates, working in their respective arts fields.As a team, we believe that as long as we keep this dialogue going, our arts students will be more prepared to make a living off their art! 

A big thank you to all of our panelists: 

Amber Mott – Graphic Design - Art & Art History
Learn more about Amber: LinkedIn and Instagram

Paul Hill - Piano Performance - Music
Learn more about Paula: LinkedIn and Instagram @pianopaul16 

Cindy Chen - Flute Performance, Arts Advocacy - Music
Learn more about Cindy: LinkedIn

Ryan Moffett - 3D Fine Art - Studio Arts
Learn more about Ryan: LinkedInFacebook, Instagram: @moffettfineart and Twitter

Tori Duhaime - Modern Dance, Screendance, Photography - Modern Dance
Learn more about Tori: Facebook and Instagram

Patrick Newman - Freelance Videography, Cinematography  - Film & Media Arts
Learn more about Patrick: LinkedIn and Instagram: @newman_films_slc

Here are some brief points our guests brought up as advice from their experiences graduating:
1. Actively look for opportunities; it's going to take a while for them to come to you - and if you can't find what you want, make your own opportunities.
2. Find your resources as soon as possible (mentors, communities, social media)
3. Networking with established artists is great, but don't forget about your peers. They will be/are your colleagues.
4. Understand business; start learning about it now through classes or other resources.

Other advice can be found in the video below by Patrick Newman, freelance videographer and cinematographer. Current CFA students can join ArtsForce to learn more.
Written by The 2017-2018 ArtsForce Team 

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