Graphic design students and alumni have a major presence in the 2017 AIGA Awards

February 06 2018

AIGA: The Professional Association for Design is the oldest and largest professional membership organization for design, advancing design as a professional craft, strategic advantage, and vital cultural force. The Salt Lake City chapter of AIGA holds an annual competition, honoring and showcasing the year’s 100 best graphic design, advertising, and digital media works produced in the region. A panel of nationally recognized design professionals juries this prestigious design competition. Year after year, the influence of the Graphic Design program at the University of Utah, headed by Associate Professor Carol Sogard, is evident, with numerous projects by students, alumni, and faculty being honored. 

The 100 Show, Salt Lake City’s most prestigious juried competition, honors and showcases the years’ best design. Eligible projects are judged for craft, concept, and aesthetic achievement. Winning entries will be revealed and showcased at the Award Show on Saturday, May 19. It will be an evening of awards, food, drinks, music and mingling. Mark your calendar folks, this is going to be one event that you don’t want to miss. 

"Congratulations to all of our Graphic Design Program students, alumni and faculty for their dedication to excellence in Design in Utah. We are very proud to see so many winners in so many different categories." - Carol Sogard


Nick Mendoza, MFA 2011
Henry Smith, BFA 2011
Mackenzie Mellen, BFA 2013
Hannah Bleak, BFA 2015
Matt Berry, BFA 2015
Elise Bowen, BFA 2013
Lee Guile, BFA 2004
Ben Dougal, BFA 2015
Sydney Bishop, 2016
Jason Jiang, BFA 2014
Sarah Peterson, BFA 2014
Marianne Hussey, BFA 2014
Lala Norgyal, BFA 2015
Melissa Dallof, BFA 2016
Krista Hansen, BFA 2014
Destin Cox, BFA 2009
Jared Perry, BFA 2016
Jan Allen, BFA

Current Students
McKay Mattingly, BFA 2018
William Tuddenham, BFA 2018
Kevin Thomas, BFA 2018
Kyle Ahlstrom, BFA 2018
Hannah Leishman, BFA 2019

Graphic Design Faculty
Carol Sogard, GD Professor
Henry Becker, GD Professor