Meet the 2018/19 FAAB Board

September 18 2018

By Noelle Sharp

The Fine Arts Advisory Board (FAAB) is comprised of a multitude of community members throughout the Salt Lake City area who have a passion for the arts. These members have a strong loyalty to the College of Fine Arts, as well as an understanding and appreciation of Dean Scheib’s student-centered vision and commitment to the College as a top philanthropic priority. The 2018/19 FAAB board is a passionate group of arts lovers who are dedicated to aiding in making the college’s vision come to life. The college’s board conducts meetings throughout the academic year in September, November, February, April and June. Term lengths of FAAB members vary, with an initial three-year term and an opportunity to serve a second consecutive term.

 The FAAB board also encourages its members to join one of the college’s three committees, led by a respective Committee Chair. These committees, integral to the college’s success, include the Scholarship Committee, Campaign Committee and the Engagement Committee. Each one maintains a variety of ways to allow members to get involved in their different areas of interest throughout the College. Committee Chair terms are one to two years in length, depending on member preference. Through these engagements the board members get a firsthand look at how the college is functioning and engaging with its students, faculty, and staff. 

For more information please contact the Office of Development for the College of Fine Arts at (801) 585-9859. 

The 2018/19 FAAB Board Members:

Jean Bentley, Community Volunteer
Bill Bireley, The Bireley Foundation
Monte Caldwell, School of Music Board Member
Genevieve Christianson, Professional Singer
Kent DiFiore, FAAB Board Chair
Darla Gill, Co-Founder & Ambassador, Merit Medical Systems, Inc.
Chris Hemmersmeier, CEO Jerry Seiner Dealerships
Leo Hopf, Author and Corporate Consultant
Sarah Lowe, Community Volunteer
Wayne Petty, Attorney
Patricia Pignanelli, Community Volunteer
Katherine Potter, Nonprofit Management Consultant in the Arts
Jennifer Price-Wallin, Community Volunteer
Shari Quinney, Community Volunteer
Gary Sandberg, Board Chair of Granite Mill & Fixture Co.
Virginia Whitby, Owner of Red Cliff Ranch
Marilyn Whitehead, Community Volunteer




Copy of The Fine Arts Advisory Board FAAB has long existed as a group of some of arts fiercest advocates. Together their experiences networks passions and generosity fuel the advancement of our college communi