Student Highlight: Mariko Azuma

November 02 2018

Graduate student, Mariko Azuma, completing her MA in Art History, has already carved herself a path and gained recognition on a global level. She is dedicated to infusing global dimensions into her studies, and her research has been supported by multiple grants, including the Department of Art History Program’s “Eskridge Travel Grant”.

This grant allowed Mariko to present at an international conference at the University of Lisbon on “Preserving Transcultural Heritage: Your Way or My Way” in July 2017. Mariko’s paper presented at the conference “Yin Yu Tang and the Effects of Re-Contextualization” was recently published in the conference proceedings edited by Professor Joaquim Rodrigues dos Santos, Institute of Art History, University of Lisbon. Her thesis advisor Professor Winston Kyan notes, “Mariko’s thesis is the culmination of an MA graduate career dedicated to finding connections between the local and the global.”

Congratulations Mariko, the College of Fine Arts thrilled to have you as a student representative and look forward to watching your career blossom.