2019 College of Fine Arts Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Victoria Holmes

April 25 2019

Every spring the College of Fine Arts selects an Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher, recognizing them for their academic achievements, artistic and/or scholarly accomplishments, and their commitments to the College of Fine Arts and the University of Utah. Get to know the 2019 Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher, Victoria Holmes.

Name: Victoria Holmes
Majors (including emphases) and minors: Honors BFA in Ballet, minor in Nutrition
Hometown: Katy, Texas
Favorite CFA class or teacher: I equally loved Dance History with Kate  Mattingly, PhD and Contemporary Partnering with Pablo Piantino, MFA. They challenged me in such different ways that I can't choose one!
Most memorable moment at CFA: My most memorable experience as a CFA student was when my student organization, Dance Studies Working Group, attended the UNBOUND Festival and BOUNDLESS Symposium at San Francisco Ballet in April 2018. We saw 12 new ballets is 3 days and attended panel discussions on the nature of ballet today and where the form is headed. It was thrilling to brush shoulders with other makers, movers, and thinkers all gathered to explore
the future of our field.
One thing you learned at CFA: We don't go into the arts to be recognized for our achievements; we do it because we honor our art form. So do the work because the work deserves to be done.
What inspires you: I am inspired by what lies just beyond the horizon. What new nugget of knowledge am I about to learn?
Summary of major accomplishments both on and off campus: Founding of the Dance Studies Working Group, attending UNBOUND and BOUNDLESS in San Francisco, moderating a preperformance discussion with Dwight Rhoden and Thomas DeFrantz, writing a curriculum map for Ballet West Academy, earning my 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher certification, completing my Honors thesis.
One sentence that describes your work: My work argues that dancers of color have had deep and lasting impacts on American ballet, even though many of their stories and legacies are forgotten or omitted by those who construct the canon.