The Art of Gratitude

November 25 2019

Gratitude is a lot like art: when you practice or experience it, the world can become more illuminated.

While we in the University of Utah College of Fine Arts feel grateful all throughout the year, this season brings that overwhelming thankfulness to the fore. So, if we may, we’d like to share what gratitude is currently bringing more light to our lives.

First, we deeply appreciate our students — our reason for engaging in this work. Our students see potential in our programs and faculty, and chose our college as the place in which they’d invest in their promising futures. You give us meaning. You give us inspiration. And we learn from you each and every day. Thank you.

We also deeply appreciate our faculty — our vehicle for engaging in this work. Your experiences, talents, interests, research, and passions for sharing those aforementioned assets are what transform our dreams of generating and sharing knowledge into realities. You are constantly advancing research and innovation, and we thank you.

Our appreciation is also deep for our staff — our pit crew. You’re often the first to arrive and the last to leave. It’s your expertise, your often behind-the-scenes work, and your dedication that keep everything running smoothly and efficiently. We would be two separate spheres of curiosity and knowledge if it weren’t for you maintaining this space where the two can synergize. Thank you.

And last, but not least, our donors — our fuel. Your generosity is what accelerates our momentum so that we all may explore new places and experience higher heights. Thank you for seeing promise in our programs, our people, and our pupils. Investing in education is an act of hope and faith, and that we have yours is more meaningful that we can say. Thank you.

Together, we make a miraculous whole, something for which we are deeply grateful.