U Giving Day 2020: Get ready with CFA student McKayla Wolf

February 18 2020
McKayla Wolf flashes the U with members of the Student Giving Day Committee McKayla Wolf flashes the U with members of the Student Giving Day Committee

By McKayla Wolf 

U Giving Day is next week! Get ready. 

On February 25 – 26, an 1,850-minute-long philanthropy celebration will take over the University of Utah campus, in honor of the University’s Founders Day. In only its 2nd year of existence, U Giving Day was created not only to raise money for the students of the University of Utah but to also educate our students and faculty on various philanthropy efforts.

Colleges campus-wide have been planning their Giving Day events for some time now, but there is also a small student group doing some behind-the-scenes work. I’ve had the opportunity over the last year to work alongside 7 individuals on this committee who I never would have met otherwise. Our student representatives come from different colleges on Campus, as well as student lead groups like ASUU and The Bennion Center.Our biggest project as a committee has been creating activities for our fellow students to participate in throughout the course of Giving Day. 

How can you get invoved? 

One of the activities I’m personally most excited about is the Philanthropy Fair. While brainstorming ideas last fall, I told the committee about CFA’s annual Arts Bash, which educates students on all the art focused programs on our campus. After further discussion as a committee, the Philanthropy Fair was born. Similar to Arts Bash, students will have the opportunity to walk through different booths where they will be educated about philanthropy efforts University-wide. Each station they visit will offer them a stamp confirming their visit.  After a certain number of stamps are acquired, students will be invited to visit our free treat buffet! 

Other University-wide Giving Day activities will include the annual Swoop Search ( a wild hunt for Swoop on campus) and the new Cash Cart that’ll be driving around campus with swag and free rides to class!

Surprisingly enough, there are quite a few ways students can support U Giving Day without spending more than a latte’s worth. One simple option is becoming a Champion for a project you’re passionate about.
Want to champion Fine Arts? Visit the CFA Giving Day homepage for more information!  

Another fun and easy way to get involved is simply by logging onto your social media over the 25th and 26th and sharing stories or posts made by projects you support. Your social media reach definitely makes its way past your close circle of friends, you never know who could see your post and be inclined to donate!

Dogs, Treats and Performance: Winning with CFA Giving Day

On Giving Day, the College of Fine Arts will provide free food, a pop-up performance by the Red Hots!, visits from therapy dogs and lots of photo opps!

Come say hi and learn even more about why a culture of giving is so important in keeping our college and community strong.

I’ll see you there!

Tuesday, February 25th
Marriott Center for Dance 
11-1 PM

Wednesday, February 26th
Lobby of the Gittins Gallery in the ART building
11-1 PM


Dean's Match 
The Dean's Office is matching all CFA Faculty and Staff gifts dollar for dollar. The school or deparment with the highest percentage of giving will DOUBLE THE MATCH! Encourage your area to give!  


*Author McKayla Wolf is a senior studying Instrumental Music Education in the School of Music.