Insights from an Intern: Brinton MacDonald, Department of Film & Media Arts

October 02 2020

This is a series dedicated to highlighting the insights our students gained during their internships.

Name: Brinton MacDonald, Department of Film & Media Arts 

Internship: Sorenson Impact Center

What responsibilities did you have as an intern?

I am on the communications team here at Sorenson, more specifically, I primarily work with the film team. I started here creating motion graphics deliverables but with time I shifted into more of an editor role. Along with that I have been able to get behind the camera a fair amount. 

What new skills/knowledge did you gain from your internship?

Way too many to mention here. I have had the opportunity to learn how commercial production works behind the scenes and balance the duality of making professional films while still implementing creative techniques. Most importantly, I gained the soft skills it takes to be productive in a modern workplace environment.

What connections did you make and how do you think those connections may help you in your career?

This opportunity, on top of going to school every day, has given me the ability to make real-world connections in the Salt Lake City area. These connections are so important because they have gotten me through a pivotal point in my career. People have trusted me enough to get me on real projects, yet still, allow room for growth. And I don't know how these connections will help my career moving forward but I do know how much they have helped me already.

What advice would you give other students who are interested in a similar internship?

I think having an internship is an incredible opportunity, but don't go out and get any internship available. You want to put yourself in a situation that can help you grow the most. So just as potential employers will interview you, make sure you put in the same amount of effort evaluating them. One thing you really should evaluate is whether or not the employer will respect your role as a student, both in the office and at the U.

Are there other things you would like to tell us?

There are so many opportunities out there for students. Checking job boards and talking to people should be done frequently as you never know when something great will pop up.