Insights from an Intern: Shannon Mostrom, School of Dance

November 08 2019

This is a series dedicated to highlighting the insights our students gained during their internships.

Name: Shannon Mostrom, School of Dance

Internship: ArtsForce Emerging Leaders Internship 

What responsibilities did you have as an intern?

My responsibilities as an intern included writing articles for The Finer Points website, organizing career development workshops for students within the CFA, contacting alumni of the CFA to speak at leadership events, and collaborating with the ArtsForce team to organize/lead college-wide events.

What new skills/knowledge did you gain from your internship?

During the internship, I developed organization, communication, and networking skills.

What connections did you make and how do you think those connections may help you in your career?

The ArtsForce internship helped broaden my network with students within the CFA as well as the faculty and alumni. In addition, it taught me to go outside my comfort zone to make new connections which have helped me significantly in my current career.

What advice would you give other students who are interested in a similar internship?

My advice would be to get involved in jobs/projects that interest you and not be afraid of what you discover you like and dislike. 

How did your internship compliment your arts education?

The ArtsForce internship complimented my art education in that the team continuously advocated for the arts during workshops and college-wide events. It was a great experience working alongside artists with other specialties to focus on a broader mission of supporting Art careers.

Are there other things you would like to tell us?

I loved my time in ArtsForce and Liz Leckie was a fantastic mentor to have during my undergraduate career. Getting involved in ArtsForce and other CFA internship programs is a fantastic way to develop transferable skills that help across different careers.