Devon Barnes

Development Director

Phone: 801-581-4244

Devon Barnes is the Regional Development Officer for the College of Fine Arts and the U's Central Development Office. She has been working for the University of Utah since a she was a freshman where she got, what she thought, was simply a part-time job as a student caller working for the University of Utah Phonathon. It was here that she learned about the importance of fundraising and how much fun it was to talk to alumni about their passion for the University of Utah. Barnes continued her passion for fundraising when she became the Phonathon Manager for the University of Utah where she assisted students in fundraising for the U. She was the Phonathon Manager for two years before switching over to Annual Giving where she was the manager and learned a different aspect of fundraising through direct mail, President’s Club, donor relations and more.

In April 2016, Barnes took her skills and background to become a front-line fundraiser for the University of Utah and the College of Fine Arts. With an English Literature degree from the University of Utah and her 10 plus years of experience, Barnes has never loved fundraising more and the opportunity to establish new relationships with alumni while helping benefiting students and the U, as a whole.