Brooke Horejsi

Assistant Dean for Art & Creative Engagement, ED of UtahPresents

Phone: 801-581-6965

Brooke Horejsi, the Assistant Dean for Art & Creative Engagement in the College of Fine Arts and Executive Director of UtahPresents, has more than 20 years of experience in the field of creativity. In her role, Horejsi oversees a non-profit, campus based arts presenter, is a member of the leadership team at the University of Utah College of Fine Arts, and focuses on embedding the arts and creativity broadly across campus and the region.

Horejsi has Bachelor of Arts Degrees in Spanish, English, and Theater from the University of Minnesota, and received her Master of Arts degree in Arts Administration from the University of Oregon. She serves as adjunct faculty and has a variety of grant panel, project advising, and board service experience with a host of organizations across the country and abroad. Her passion for the role creativity plays in building and sustaining community is apparent in her daily work and also in her participation in research cohorts and funding programs supported by organizations such the American Express Foundation, the Wallace Foundation, the Doris Duke Foundation, and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Brooke almost never pronounces her last name with linguistic accuracy, but does manage to spell it correctly 98% of the time. She is thrilled that the responsibility of teaching it to her two boys, Jack and Kolya, falls mainly to Michael, her husband, who is far better at Czech pronunciation.