Objective 1: Enhance CFA student success through curricular experiences

Initiative 1.1: Offer rigorous, relevant, available, and sustainable curriculum in each of the CFA degree-offering units


  1. Conduct unit-driven curricular audits to determine needed curriculum reform focused on rigorous, relevant, and sustainable curriculum and aligned with institutional goals and national standards and norms; implement curricular changes as determined by the audits
  2. Conduct a course scheduling review and, when possible, align course times with the University’s standard block class schedule
  3. Review and, if necessary, develop or refine departmental student learning assessment plans


Initiative 1.2: Create a college-wide strategic direction for establishing or expanding interdisciplinary arts programs


  1. Establish task force committees charged with making recommendations for strategic directions of future and existing interdisciplinary programs (possible areas include: arts and cultural leadership, arts education, arts entrepreneurship, arts-in-health, arts technology)
  2. Based on task force committees’ recommendations, assign priorities and develop an action plan for interdisciplinary arts programs

Initiative 1.3: Strengthen pedagogical and curricular support for course instructors


  1. Create forums to share best practices in pedagogy and/or curricular development
  2. Assess departmental partnerships with CTLE/TLT/Digital Matters and explore opportunities for increased faculty participation

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