Objective 4: Offer relevant and sustainable extracurricular opportunities focused on student success and transformation

Initiative 4.1: Promote transformative student-led artistic and scholarly endeavors


  1. Maintain a high-quality FAF grants program focused on providing arts students opportunities to create student-led extracurricular opportunities
  2. Maintain and acquire resources aligned with supporting student-led research

Initiative 4.2: Reinforce a culture of arts collaboration and support across the CFA


  1. Maintain support for the University’s Arts Pass program, which ensures that CFA students have consistent performing and exhibiting opportunities
  2. Conduct unit-driven “opportunities audits” to have a comprehensive list of opportunities (both extracurricular and curricular) aligned with student success and supporting arts collaboration across the CFA. An opportunities audit may identify needed changes in currently offered opportunities; barriers to the creation of opportunities, either in or across units; relationships of opportunities to curricular audits; needed resources for sustainability of opportunities; and needed creation of opportunities across areas of the arts.
  3. Create processes for students to participate in student-led and collaborative opportunities across the CFA and throughout their education

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