Individual Student Travel Grants

This travel fund is to support Individual Undergraduate or Graduate Students' travel to present or perform their scholarly or creative research at national or international venues. There is a limit of $750 International/$500 National per academic year for each applicant, and funds will be disbursed on a first-come basis.

Please e-mail a completed application form to Associate Dean Lien Fan Shen and be sure to include a copy of the formal invitation to present or a link to the conference/presenting organization's website listing you as a presenter/performer or be sure to include a paragraph from your department chair, school director, or faculty advisor explaining why this presentation/performance is important to your graduate career and/or education. Please direct any questions about the Individual Student Travel Grants to . Please send all communications through your uMail and check it regularly for responses -- e-mails sent from/to private e-mail addresses ( are not being successfully sent/received.

Please note that the Dean's Office Graduate Student Travel Fund is not available for opportunities that could be funded by the CFA FAF Grants.

Fine Arts Fees (FAF) Grants

Any College of Fine Arts' student group that is registered with ASUU may apply for funding from the Fine Arts Fees Grants Funding Committee for noncredit activities that 1) enhance student learning and/or 2) enhance the student experience for the larger University community and/or 3) create or host fine arts events on campus and in the greater Salt Lake City area. Projects must originate in the College of Fine Arts, be advised by a College of Fine Arts faculty member and the department chair or director, and may involve students from other colleges.

Visit the FAF Grant page here. 

College of Fine Arts Graduate Research Excellence Fellowship

The College of Fine Arts Graduate Research Excellence Fellowship complements the Graduate School's Graduate Research Fellowship. Both fellowships are given on a competitive basis to provide an outstanding graduate student with an opportunity for full-time creative and/or scholarly research, usually designed to complete a dissertation or thesis projects. To be considered for the CFA Fellowship, the Department/School must first nominate the graduate student for the Graduate School's Graduate Research Fellowship. If the Department/School's candidate(s) are unsuccessful at the campus level, the unit may submit one graduate student's application to the CFA for consideration.

For more information, click here.

The Endowed Beverley Taylor Sorenson Arts Learning Program Teaching Assistant 

The Endowed Beverley Taylor Sorenson Arts Learning Program (BTSALP) Teaching Assistant (TA) is a fully funded assistantship granted to one outstanding graduate student in the CFA who is passionate about furthering the field of arts education both in research and in practice. Applicants do not need to be pursuing an arts teaching graduate degree in the CFA to be considered, but they must provide strong evidence of school or community-based pedagogical experience working with young people in grades K-12. 

Apply here: pdfBTSALP TA Application

Non-CFA Funding Opportunities

Graduate Fellowship Opportunities

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Tanner Humanities Center Fellowship Opportunities

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