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How to Apply for a Fine Arts Fees (FAF) Grant

Any College of Fine Arts Sponsored Student Organization on the SLC campus and registered through Student Leadership & Involvement may apply for FAF Grants funds to fund student-driven, noncredit projects that 1) enhance student learning, and/or 2) enhance the student experience for the larger University community, and/or 3) create & host arts events on campus, or travel to arts events.  FAF Grants projects must originate in the College of Fine Arts, be advised by a College of Fine Arts faculty member, and may involve students from other colleges. (ASUU does not fund sponsored College of Fine Arts student organizations.)

1) Become a Sponsored Student Organization

FAF Grants funding is only available to CFA student groups that are registered as a Sponsored Student Organization in good standing with Student Leadership & Involvement, on the SLC campus. If you are a new/prospective student organization, you must seek official recognition from Student Leadership & Involvement. For more information visit the Student Leadership & Involvement website. Previously recognized student organizations must complete the annual renewal process as outlined by Student Leadership & Involvement, including, but not limited to, updating officer information on Campus Connect. Note: Sponsored Student Organizations utilizing FAF Grants funds must have a CFA faculty advisor.

2) Schedule a meeting with your Unit/Department Business Officer

Student org leaders & their Faculty Advisor must review the FAF Grants Policy Document to make sure that funding requests are FAF Grants eligible.  Student org leaders & their Faculty Advisor are required to meet with their sponsoring Unit/Department Business Officer to review & discuss FAF Grants budgets & proposals. You are also encouraged to reach out to your FAF Grants Representatives to discuss your proposal to make sure it is eligible for funding. 

  • Art & Art History Business Officer, Janet Soller
  • Film & Media Arts Business Officer, Paula Lee
  • Dance Business Officer, Will Maguire
  • Theatre Business Officer, Coleen Hirst
  • Music Business Officer, Michelle Monet Coulam Addison

3) Complete your Qualtrics FAF Grants Proposal and Budget Excel Spreadsheet

Complete a Qualtrics FAF Grant Proposal and upload your Local Budget Spreadsheet or your Travel Budget Spreadsheet to your proposal. Email questions about the FAF Grants application process from your UMail to 

Complete a Local FAF Grant Proposal if:

  • Your student group is hosting a masterclass
  • Your student group is holding an exhibition
  • Your student group is giving a presentation
  • Your student group is bringing a guest artist
  • Your student group is hosting an event

Complete a Travel FAF Grant if:

  • Your student group is attending an off-campus conference
  • Your student group is attending an off-campus workshop or masterclass
  • Your student group is visiting an off-campus location
  • Your student group is meeting an artist off-campus

4) Submit your FAF Grants proposal

You will receive an email confirmation to your uMail that your proposal has been submitted.  

5) Present your FAF Grants proposal

If the FAF Grants Committee accepts your proposal, you must virtually present your proposal at the FAF Grants funding meeting. Approximately one week prior to the funding meeting, you will receive an email to your uMail to confirm your virtual presentation time at the FAF Grants funding meeting. All FAF Grants notifications will be emailed to your uMail. Please note that you may be contact by your FAF Grants Representatives with suggested edits or questions that must be addressed before the FAF Grants Funding meeting. 

6) Complete your Post-Award Requirements

If your proposal is FAF Grants funded, your Sponsored Student Organization must complete the following post-award requirements: Post-Award FAF Grants Requirements