Lara Baumeister

Undergraduate SAC Chair in Dance


My name is Laura Baumeister, I am from lots of different places (Germany, Virginia, Indiana, and Michigan), and I am a senior in the modern dance department. I have known my whole life that the most important aspect of my life is dance. Thus, when asked what I would be pursuing in college and my career, I didn’t have to think twice, of course I would be dancing. This brought forth a life, so far, filled with the challenges of being an artist in a society where art is not always seen as essential, but also a life of pure joy and expressiveness. Being in the college of fine arts has opened my eyes to a breed of human beings that possess incredible amounts of empathy, passion, and rigor. Once the college chapter of my life closes, I just hope to make a career out of dancing: be that in a company or as an independent artist. I want to continue to pursue the joy within dance, rather than having one rigid goal. If you would like to contact me, feel free to email me (), text me (2488812716), or DM me on instagram (@laura.baumeister).