Atticus Reo

Graduate SAC Chair in Film & Media Arts


Hello, my name is Atticus J Reo (he, him, his) and I am a 2nd year Graduate Student in the Film and Media Arts Department. Additionally, I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Modern Dance. I am from a tiny little planet called Earth. Through collaborations across multiple fields of artistic study, one's art can become more fully realized. I encourage artists to not only participate in other artistic processes, but to allow others to partake in theirs. I look forward to bridging the divide that often occurs between the departmental disciplines that make up Colleges of Fine Arts all over the world. I have a passion for film theory, experimental art cinema, dance improvisation, and queer performance art. I hope to direct films that assault and frustrate the viewer, so much that it follows them wherever they go afterward. Feel free to reach out to me at .