Objective 2: Improve student experiences, progression toward timely graduation, and post-graduate success

Initiative 2.1: Deploy data analytics to better understand barriers to student success and develop data-driven strategies to remove those barriers


  1. Acquire support and resources to learn and employ effective ways to make data-driven decisions regarding student success (retention) and process to timely graduation
  2. Create congruent college-wide and unit-level goals for student enrollment and graduation rates that align with institutional values and goals (institutional core values are: student success and engagement, research and teaching excellence, diversity, sustainability, global vision and strategy, community and leadership)

Initiative 2.2: Maintain high-quality collaborations among faculty, administrators, staff, and academic advisors to assure students have the most accurate and timely information to navigate their chosen educational programs


  1. The CFA Undergraduate Affairs Team will hold regular meetings with unit-level leadership to share policy, process, and curricular updates
  2. Develop sound and reasonable communication strategies to assure accurate, timely, and appropriate information-sharing concerning the student experience
  3. By degree/emphasis, publicize an average per term cost of tuition and fees so students can accurately plan for the cost of their education

Initiative 2.3: Create a comprehensive, data-driven communication plan focused on educating students, family, staff, and faculty of academic policies and best practices aligned with student success


  1. Development of a Create Success website
  2. Develop and execute a student success communication plan and coordinated graphic information (including email, UBN, social media, and printed messages)

Initiative 2.4: Assist students with their transition out of college through a college-wide internship program connected to curriculum and students’ goals


  1. Create an internship coordinator position to coordinate a college-wide internship program focused on creating quality internship opportunities throughout the arts and maintaining accurate data concerning internship participation and tracking
  2. Create a graduate student career preparation workshop
  3. Establish a partnership with the CFA Graduate Career Coach in the University’s Career & Professional Development Center

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