The faculty, staff, and especially the students in the College of Fine Arts thank our generous donors for their contributions to the College and its five academic units from July 1, 2018-December 31, 2019. Their incredible generosity has enhanced education, empowered many, and inspired us all. 

Connoisseur ($25,000+)

1. Anonymous
2. Artworks For Kids
3. Kenneth P. and Sally Rich Burbidge Foundation I
4. Kenneth P. and Sally Rich Burbidge Foundation II
5. Gordon and Connie Hanks
6. Kem C. and Carolyn B. Gardner
7. Huntsman Foundation
8. Meldrum Foundation
9. James R. and Nanette S. Michie Foundation
10. Beverley Taylor Sorenson Foundation
11. Sorenson Legacy Foundation
12. The I.J. and Jeanné Wagner Foundation

Aficionado ($10,000-$24,999)

1. F. Michael Bannon/ Susan D. MacIver Revocable Trust
2. Brent and Bonnie Jean Beesley Foundation
3. M. Lynn Bennion Foundation
4. Dick and Timmy Burton Foundation
5. Edward L. Burton Foundation
6. Lawrence T. and Janet T. Dee Foundation
7. Kent C. and Martha H. DiFiore
8. George S. and Dolores Doré Eccles Foundation
9. Susan G. Gaskill
10. Ralph L. and Rosetta S. Gochnour
11. Charles and Kathie K. Horman
12. Lee A. and Audrey Mack Hollaar
13. William R. and Robin Ririe Larson
14. Michael A. Manship and Andrea S. Dumke-Manship
15. McCarthey Family Foundation
16. Ballard Miller Foundation
17. S.J. & Jessie E. Quinney Foundation
18. Salt Lake City Arts Council Foundation
19. Roger H. and Colleen K. Thompson Foundation
20. W. Mack & Julia S. Watkins Foundation
21. Connie Jo M. Hepworth-Woolston and E. Art Woolston

Benefactor ($5,000-$9,999)

1. Anonymous
2. Barbara M. Bannon*
3. Sandi Behnken
4. E.J. Bird Foundation
5. The Brass Ring Foundation
6. R. Harold Burton Foundation
7. Shane Larson and Genevieve Christianson
8. Marian A. Connelly-Jones
9. Eric C. and Lisa L. Evans
10. Darla Gill and Pieter Unema
11. Gretchen S. Jackson
12. Emma Eccles Jones Foundation
13. Merit Medical Systems, Inc.
14. Joyce T. Rice
15. Jim L. and Bonita Robertson
16. Janet M. Schaap Trust
17. Michael L. and Micki N. Sobieski
18. Daniel M. and Nicky M. Soulier
19. John M. and Martha Morrison Veranth
20. Anthony R. Wallin and Jennifer Price-Wallin
21. Wells Fargo Foundation
22. Paul L. and Marilyn D. Whitehead
23. Zions Management Services Company

Patron ($2,500-$4,999)
1. John W. and Elizabeth Bennion
2. William R. Bireley*
3. The Rodney Brady Family Foundation
4. Lowell C. and Sonja E. Brown
5. The Castle Foundation
6. Lisa Marie Chaufty and Miquel Chuaqui
7. Judith C. Condie
8. Marian A. Connelly
9. Thomas D. and Joanne A. Coppin
10. Gerald R. and Susan E. Daynes
11. David L. Dee and Karen M. Gardner Dee
12. Phillip L. and Mary Lou Hansen
13. Chris and Sandy Hemmersmeier
14. Elizabeth S. Hunter Trust
15. Daniel Lee and Stephanie Ross-Lee
16. Ron Losby
17. Alex and Sarah Lowe
18. David R. Markland*
19. Paul G. and Alison R. Mayfield
20. Rowena May Merrill
21. Wurzel and Susan Parsons-Keir
22. Patrick and Lucy Beale Partridge
23. Leon and Karen F. Peterson Family
24. Wayne G. and Robyn E. Petty
25. Andy and Zelie Pforzheimer
26. Frank N. and Patricia Ann Pignanelli
27. The Presser Foundation
28. David E. and Shari H. Quinney
29. Bruce G. and Sara V. Robinson
30. Steven L. Rosenberg
31. W. Gary and Darcy E. Sandberg
32. John W. and Amy Scheib
33. Scott and Lesli P. Rice
34. State Farm Companies Foundation
35. Robert Stringham and Michelle Michie
36. Marc T. and Charlene M. Wangsgard
37. Von H. and Virginia Martin Whitby

Advocate ($1,000-$2,499)

1. Michael D. and Sheila L. Ainlay
2. Bruce W. Bastian and Clinton Ford
3. Robert L. and Colleen Bauman
4. Joyce M. Bennett
5. Michael H. and Judi F. Bourne
6. Sandra Faye Brock
7. John and Katie Brooks
8. Kenneth J. and Kristina F. Burton
9. Byron Russell, LLC.
10. Daniel W. and Peggy S. Campbell
11. Chris Peter Demiris and Darcy Bentley
12. Michael and Sheila Deputy
13. Paul Dorgan
14. Early Light Academy
15. Eric N. and Shellie M. Eide
16. Dick and Susan Evans
17. Jerome C. and Abby L. Fiat
18. George B. Felt
19. Ira and Lili Field
20. Susan F. Fleming
21. David P. and Sheila S. Gardner
22. Robert and Mary Gilchrist
23. Thor Gjelsteen and Millah Nikkel
24. Royden J. and Rebecca B. Glade
25. Samuel Gene Harris
26. Susan Stoddard Heiner and Blake T. Heiner
27. The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
28. Patrick Jan and Peggy A. McDonough-Jan
29. Thomas A. and Lisa B. Johnson
30. Craig V. and Linda M. Lee
31. Herbert C. and Wilma S. Livsey
32. Donald B. and Mary O. Lloyd
33. Thomas M. and Jamie N. Love
34. Angie Matinkhah
35. Dylan McCullough
36. Jay and Sandhya Narasipura
37. Nebeker Family Foundation
38. R.K. & E.D. Pedersen Family Foundation, Inc.
39. David and Rhenda Power
40. Douglas C. and Wendy A. Preston
41. Sarah Projansky and Kent A. Ono
42. Anne W. Riffey
43. W. Edward and Catherine W. Stringham
44. Terramerica Corporation & Affiliates
45. John M. and Martha Morrison Veranth
46. Verizon Foundation
47. Emily Ann Brooks Wayment
48. Frank M. and Janell Weinstock
49. John Paul and Joy F. Wiscombe
50. Henry C. and Lois Eileen Wolking

Friends ($1-$999)

1. Thomas Douglas Aaron
2. Jeffrey and Holly Abel
3. Kerry D. and Teresa C. Adams
4. Lisa R. Adams
5. Kurt E. and Michelle C. Addison
6. Ron C. Allen
7. Maria Albanese
8. Kevin and Jo Aldridge
9. Tacie Lee Almy
10. M. and Kathryn H. Anderson
11. Anonymous
12. Michelle Muntean Armstrong
13. Thomas R. and Sidney H. Armstrong
14. Lisa M. Arnett
15. Jack S. and Marie Y. Ashton
16. Avenue B
17. Maxine C. Babalis Trust
18. Stephanie Babalis
19. Michael and Kayo Baker
20. Robert L. and Maria J. Baldwin
21. James and Margaret Barnes
22. Jason and Sharlie Barber
23. Kathleen Barlow
24. Gerald W. and Martha R. Barnes*
25. Jake and Devon Barnes
26. James and Margaret Barnes
27. Marlene Barnett
28. Matthew Robert Barrett
29. C. LaMar and Carol W. Barrus
30. Curtis and Allison Barton
31. Robin and Shirlene Bastar
32. Edward J. Bateman
33. Margaret K. Batson
34. Thomas D. and Mary Ann Bauman
35. Brant and Anne Bayless
36. Sarah Janice Beesley
37. Denise Marie Bégué
38. Robert and Maria Belnap
39. Stephen Smith Bennett
40. Daniel Bentley
41. Jeffery Bentley and Ana Gonzales de Bentley
42. John E. and Barbara E. Berg
43. Courtney Shea Bergen
44. Michelle Colleen Bickel
45. Robert and Deanna Biles
46. Hope Bird
47. Kevin and Jill H. Bischoff
48. Kyle William Bishop
49. Laura Jennette Blair
50. Rebecca Lee Blue
51. Kevin Bogdanow and Lenore Somer
52. Patti A. Bollenbaugh
53. Peter Bollwerk
54. William Bollwerk
55. Jeffrey Bollwinkel and Janice C. McCallister
56. Gerrit Boogert
57. Brian E. and Teriann L. Booth
58. Howard Bornstein and Judith B. Russell
59. Don A. and Virginia A. Bostrom
60. Hope Bowden
61. Morgan A. and Ashley E. Boyack
62. Hal and Holly Boyd
63. Ira R. and Nancy L. Boyer
64. Barlow Bradford
65. Laura Marie Bradley
66. Blake S. Bratcher and Kyle R. Adcock
67. Jerry and Diana Bratcher
68. Michael Braun
69. Raymond E. Brim*
70. Jack W. and Karen R. Brittain
71. Ellen R. Bromberg
72. David J. Brown
73. Julie Brown
74. Joan C. Brown
75. Lynda Smart Brown Living Trust
76. Perry Neil Brown and Amy De Forest Edwards
77. Rodney L. and Sally Brown
78. Scott J. and Sarah E. Brown
79. Stephen Brown and Tracey A. Thompson
80. Wilson C. and Darleen H. Brown
81. Jacob M. and Elizabeth Bruner
82. Halley Jean Bruno
83. Wallace F. and Bonnie B. Bryner
84. William E. Buchanan
85. Colin and Leslie Buck
86. Todd and Lori Budge Family Living Trust
87. Stephanie E. Burgoyne
88. Barbara Burt
89. Café Zupas
90. Glen S. and ReNae S. Call
91. Michelle Annette Campbell
92. Priscilla J. Campbell
93. Rita A. Campbell
94. James E. and Constance D. Cannon
95. Lisa Marie Cannon
96. Karen Elaine Cardon
97. The Jeffrey and Helen Cardon Foundation
98. Jan Broberg Carter
99. Sean James Carter
100. Michael and Frances Carnes
101. Pamela Carpenter
102. Ann Attayek Carr
103. Philip and Carlisle Carroll
104. Garret G. and Staci Jo Carson
105. Clayton and Jamee Cart
106. Bruce and Lenna Carver
107. Jean S. Casner
108. F. Burton Cassity
109. Simon Catania
110. CBIZ, Inc.
111. CENGAGE Learning
112. Matthew S.H. Chambers
113. Dhiraj Chand
114. Vickie L. Charlesworth-Walker
115. Nicholas Maurice Cheek-O’Donnell
116. Cheval Dancewear
117. Lisa K. Childers
118. Luana Chilelli Revocable Trust
119. Jamie L. Chinn
120. James N. Chipman
121. Chipotle Mexican Grill
122. Jay and Sharon Christensen
123. Michael Travis Christensen
124. Mark V. Christison
125. Marquita Shell Christison
126. Li Chou and Carrie G. Cheng
127. Lynne H. Church
128. CK Real Estate, Inc.
129. Jeffrey P. and Jane Ann Clark
130. Joann S. Clark
131. Marybeth J. Clark
132. Randy L. and Tamralynn T. Clark
133. Juan Carlos Claudio and Kade J. Clark
134. Richard L. Clegg
135. Adam Christensen Condie
136. Boyd and Beth Cole
137. Hal S. and Pamela S. Cole
138. Elissa Nicole Collins
139. Patricia J. Conway
140. Craig and Carla Rae Cook Jorgensen
141. Emily Catherine Cook
142. Reed K. and Julie W. Coombs
143. Corner Bakery Café
144. John and Julie Wright Costa
145. Thomas P. Costello
146. Covenant Communications, Inc
147. Matthew Cowan
148. Liz Cowan
149. John A. and Mio Moroi Cowden
150. Janet C. Cox
151. James B. Lohse and Carolyn Cox
152. Peter M. Harvey and Barbara J. Cox
153. Lew W. and Barbara Cramer
154. Cindy Dahle
155. Joel L. Deaton and Judy A. Daly
156. David and Lisa Dame
157. Dancewear Inc.
158. Ronald W. and Cynthia F. Daniels
159. Dan F. and Rebecca J. David
160. Karen Lynn Davidson*
161. Kathy A.F. Davis
162. Peggy D. Davis
163. Richard R. Davis
164. Kehn and Allison Dayton
165. Ashby Decker and Anne Cullimore Decker
166. James R. and Monica DeGooyer
167. Charles and Christina Deneris
168. Deseret Book Company
169. Samantha Dewey
170. Scott S. and Holly N. Dodge
171. Christine Dolcimascolo
172. Dolly’s Book Store
173. Richard J. and Kristin S. Douglass
174. Glen A. and Janet W. Dover
175. Dreamstill 7 Studios LLC
176. James R. and Mary Ann Dresher
177. Dalton and Joanna Driggers
178. Josiane Dubois
179. Allison McKinnon Duke
180. Charles and Rebecca Dunford
181. Samuel R. Dunn and Robin L. Wilks-Dunn
182. John A. and Shirley Ann Durham
183. Michael and Peggy Durrant
184. Ivonna Earnest
185. Roger D. and Tanja Easson
186. Eastern Arts Society
187. ECS Publishing Corp.
188. Roger and Karen L. Edgley
189. Jeffery B. and Karamea E. Edwards
190. Kelly Eggersten
191. Orvil John Elia
192. Janet Ellison
193. Donald E. Emery
194. Empower Pilates and Health Coaching Malibu
195. Richard C. and Ann W. Engar
196. Autumn England
197. Elaine E. Englehardt
198. Richard D. and Chariya Ernst
199. Jenifer G. Ewoniuk
200. Richard M. and Linda J. Eyre
201. Steven Eyre
202. Ronald Wayne Fairbanks
203. Michael O. and Jody White Farley
204. Fawson Realty, P.C.
205. David M. and Marsha G. Fetzer
206. Laja Nathalie Field
207. David T. Fikstad
208. Sarah Faye Fink
209. Millard S. and Barbara L. Firebaugh
210. John H. and Joan Bennett Firmage
211. Linda Terry Flanders
212. Kevin B. and Rebecca P. Flynn
213. Robert B. and Virginia J. Folsom
214. Linda M. Fontenot
215. Anthony and Tina C. Fonzo
216. Marene Foulger
217. Dexter and Nancy Francis
218. F. Ivan Frazier
219. Jonathan and Leanne Freedman
220. Amy French
221. Landon and Ashley Freter
222. Jack Thomas Frey
223. Rinda Frye
224. Fund Raising Counsel Inc.
225. Susan H. Furness
226. Megan Searfoss Furse
227. Joseph and Norma W. Gabriel
228. Susan M. Gabriel
229. Craig and Laurel E. Galli
230. Bernard and Rosemary T. Ganis
231. Bryson D. and Jan V. Garbett
232. Robert T. and Susanne B. Gardiner
233. Evelyn Garlington
234. Stacy Garrop
235. Anne Norman Van Gelder
236. Elizabeth Maria German
237. Lee Gerstein and Shari D. Levitin
238. W.M. Gidley and Lisa W. Gidley
239. Clark P. Giles
240. David and Barbara Gill
241. Francois De La Giroday and Michele Farr
242. Gary and Noelle Glade
243. Royden J. and Rebecca B. Glade
244. April and Dale W. Goddard
245. Edward Gorfinkle and Beth Ellen Krensky
246. Fred L. Gottlieb and Cynthia A. Godsey
247. Goldman, Sachs & Co. Match
248. Barry G. and Deborrah S. Gomberg
249. Marina and Elenor Gomberg
250. Taylor J. and Jacqueline S. Goodman
251. Ed and Holly Gornik
252. Romas Grazhees
253. John C. and Linda S. Green
254. Richard N. and Carolyn Greene
255. John W. and Jane Griffith
256. Elizabeth Camille Griggs
257. Gayle Gruner
258. Don and Dana Gull
259. Patrick Tanner Guinn
260. John M. and Jessica Guynn
261. Brian and Mary Haan
262. Will Hagen and Andrea Ashdown
263. Constance Haggard
264. Edward J. Haggerty and Kristine J. Halverson
265. Robert A. Haise
266. Jon M. and Karen J. Hale
267. Jette Halladay
268. E. Dean and Barbara J. Hamblin
269. Larry T. and Robyn L. Hancock
270. Gordon L. and Connie R. Hanks
271. Lance Marcel Hanna
272. Kenneth J. and Geraldine G. Hanni
273. Kenneth Hansen and Susan Vinetra Burke
274. Bruce and Michelle Hansen
275. Paul B. Hanson
276. Helen A. Harbold
277. June L. Harral
278. Caitlyn Sara Harris
279. Richard Clinton Harris
280. Rulon K. and Elline H. Harrison
281. Seretta G. Hart
282. Jonnie A. Hartman
283. Brian E. Hartmann
284. A. Scott and Jamey B. Harvey
285. Gregory J. Hatch and Terry S. Kogan
286. Scott A. and Cindy S. Hatch
287. Frederick R. Hawkes
288. Kristopher Thomas Hawkins
289. Michael Z. and Kathryn Y. Hayes
290. Jasmine Janeel Haywood
291. Heaton Family Trust
292. Catherine Ann Heiner
293. Janna Mauldin Heiner
294. January Held
295. Demi Ali Helenius
296. Kelly Henley
297. Leslie Kay Henrie
298. Wayne R. and Joan I. Herlin
299. Steven Norman Hess
300. Gerald W. Hewes
301. Paul W. and Leora R. Hewitt
302. Rebecca A. Hickox
303. Daniel Hindert and Carol A. Osborn
304. Mark E. and Susie I. Hindley
305. Stephen M. and Patricia Hodson
306. Thomas S. Hoffman
307. Benjamin G. and Andrea T. Holley
308. Lawrence S. and Michele L. Holzman
309. Kerri A. Hopkins
310. Kenneth Donald Hovley
311. Karineh Hovsepian and Russell Kelly
312. Scott N. and Linda L. Howell
313. Deborah B. and Richard V. Hoyt
314. Richard V. and Deborah B. Hoyt
315. Michael D. and Susan S. Huff
316. Shirley Y. Hughes
317. P. Dan and Kim W. Huish
318. Micaela Hulsey
319. Satu Hummasti
320. Shaun Humphries
321. Kimberly Lorraine Hunter
322. Shauna Hurst
323. Paul F. and Sandra S. Iwasaki
324. Jackman Music Corporation
325. Janet Jackson
326. Roger P. and Rhonda L. Jackson
327. John Dennis James
328. John Samuel James
329. William E. and Mary Ann P. James
330. Khosrow and Gitti Javedani
331. Matthew C. and Rebecca E. Jennejohn
332. Derek and Michelle Jensen
333. Douglas and Claudia Jensen
334. Douglas E. and Beverly S. Jensen
335. Cory Jenson and Cindy K. Gust-Jenson
336. Jonathan M. and Portia Jepsen
337. Dave and Kimberly Johnson
338. George E. Johnson, IV
339. Jennifer Binford Johnson
340. Stuart Andrew Johnson
341. Wynn and Pamela Johnson
342. Benjamin A. Johnston
343. Alexander H. Johnstone
344. Pamela Palmer Jones
345. Richard and Shelli Jones
346. Heather L. Joseph
347. Margaret R. Jurado
348. Jeffrey G. and Molly J. Justice
349. Robert F. and Anne R. Kaelberer
350. Andrea Kaplan
351. Eric R. Keeney
352. Seth and Angela Keeton
353. Suzan A. Kendall
354. Chad W. and Aimee Kendell
355. Megan A. Kennedy
356. William H. and Lorna C. Kennedy
357. Christopher D. and Renate F. Kesler
358. Noman Khan
359. Nancy Killian
360. Alicia M. Kim
361. Stephen E. and Catharine A. Kimball
362. Robert and Leigh King
363. Douglas T. and Julie A. Kirchner
364. Natalie Ann Kirk
365. Brock and Maren Kirwan
366. Brandon R. Kitterman
367. Kurt and Theresa Klein
368. Louise T. Knauer and Frances J. Friedrich
369. Kathleen C. Knowlton
370. Tyler B. and Alisa A. Knowlton
371. David R. Koch
372. Matthew and Brianne C. Koch
373. Stephen J. Koester
374. Julie Kolka
375. Derek and Hilary Koolhoven
376. Julia Kozusko
377. Stanley and Eileen Kraczek
378. Peter L. and Kristin L. Kraus
379. Barbara Kreek
380. Ajay Krishnan and Shailaja S. Akkapeddi
381. Larry and Jan Krystkowiak
382. Nicholas A. Kunde
383. Steven C. Labrum
384. Jeffrey S. and Elizabeth LaMora
385. Bruce and Margaret M. Landesman
386. Guttorm J. and Claudia S. Landro
387. Chris and Andrea Larsen
388. Christopher S. Larsen
389. Lennox A. Larson Trust
390. Paul B. and Sharon O. Larson
391. Scott R. and Jennifer J. Larson
392. William R. and Robin R. Larson
393. Matthew J. and Jeri Ann Layton
394. William G. Lawrence
395. H. Larry Leasure Investments
396. Elizabeth Hendricks Leckie
397. Christopher W. and Paula J. Lee
398. Gary B. and Loma M. Lee
399. Preston and Katie Lees
400. Emily A. Lehnardt
401. Kathryn Lenton
402. Kristina Sue Lenzi and Nini Rich
403. David and Letitia Lester
404. Wayne Leupold Editions, Inc
405. Joan L. Levy
406. A. Lenore Lewis
407. Ruoyu Li
408. Katherine P. Liddle
409. Darron P. and Mary J. Lillian
410. Laron J. and Joan T. Lind
411. Bruce Lindsey and Marilee Suzanne Keys
412. Morris D. and Jane H. Linton
413. Arthur D. Lipson and Rochelle S. Kaplan
414. Michael J. Lisonbee and Helen Louise A. Nichols
415. Herbert C. and Wilma C. Livsey
416. Perrin R. and Jill R. Love
417. Erica Lovell
418. Steven F. and Ruth W. Lowe
419. Rachel Ann Luebbert
420. Nicole Ludvigson
421. Sara H. Lufe
422. Lunch Box Wax
423. Donna M. Lundquist
424. Larry V. and Susan C. Lunt
425. Irene Lysenko
426. Alan D. and Linda L. Magnuson
427. Colleen Mitchell
428. J. Michael and Mary A. Mattsson
429. Maureen McGill
430. Ray Levey and Elinda McKenna
431. Mark McKinlay and Laurie A. Haynie
432. Lisette H. Miles
433. Mightycause Charitable Foundation
434. R. Scott and Megan R. Miller
435. Ronald A. Motzkus and Launa J. Lashley-Motzkus
436. Peter F. and Annette Malen
437. Pamela L. March
438. Michael and Melanie Marcheschi
439. Leslie Mauldin
440. Lindsay S. McCarthy
441. Katie McDaniel
442. Lorita S. McLeod
443. Noriko Meek
444. Russell D. and Nancy Merrill
445. Anthony W. and Carol J. Middleton
446. H. Janet Millerberg
447. Mary Milliner
448. M. David Eckersley and Anne Milne
449. Samuel Anthony Mollner
450. Wendy Patricia Molteni
451. Gregory B. and Nancy H. Monson
452. Carrie A. Moore
453. William R. and Chari W. Moreton
454. Frederick A. and Lucy W. Moreton
455. Peter R. Morris and Lori Ann Reed Morris
456. Larry A. and Marsha K. Mourdock
457. Patricia A. Murphy Living Trust
458. Frederick A. and Lucy W. Moreton
459. Edward B. Moreton
460. Garrett Tyler Medlock
461. Lynsey Marie Mitchell
462. Samantha Matsukawa
463. Ashley Marie Mitchell
464. Fumiko MacPherson
465. Devin McDonald
466. Eileen McGartland
467. Carl Marantz
468. Harry B. Millyard
469. Christian Munoz
470. Lisa A. Martin
471. MOD Super Fast Pizza, LLC
472. Linda Faye Marion
473. Lauren Maul
474. Kevin and Dorothy McGuire
475. Emily Carpenter Mostue
476. Greg and Joanna McNamee
477. D. Kent and Barbara E. Michie
478. Patrick J. and Susan L. Miller
479. Dustin Matinkhah
480. Roger L Miller
481. Melonie Murray
482. R. Tyler and Josel McCabe
483. Trenton S. and Elizabeth C. Michie
484. James B. Merlette
485. Chris Munk
486. Cassia Blake Nielsen
487. Renee Norton
488. Andrea Van Nest
489. Andrew Patrick Nelson
490. Leeann H. Nay
491. Laraine Nickel
492. Daniel Robert Naylor
493. Marianne Neff
494. Lindsey Marie Nordin
495. Grace Stephenson Nielsen
496. Jacob F. and Catherine B. Nelson
497. David S. and Judith B. Nielson
498. Andrea N. Nelson
499. Christianna Nelson
500. Matthew and Shanna Nelson
501. Gregory Lamont Nielsen
502. Ronald H. Nishijima

503. Kaylee Oborn
504. Opera Appreciation Club
505. Karrie Ann Ogilvie
506. Cassandra and Britt Taylor
507. Anna Kristine Oldroyd
508. Daniel F. O’Bannon
509. Mary Florence Olpin
510. Steven C. and Moyne Osborn
511. OSF International, Inc.
512. Jerold D. and Jo Ann S. Ottley
513. Ryan and Kiley Patano
514. Provisions Restaurant
515. Jane H. Pugh
516. Christy C. Patton
517. Scott W. and Nanci O. Pickett
518. Michael B. and Yvonne Purcell
519. David and Cheryl Pace
520. Charles G. and Cheryl J. Pribble
521. Brent Griffith Podosek
522. Nick A. Ericksen and Marjorie Pack
523. John and Janene Petersen
524. Julianna Michelle Gardner Pierson
525. Melanie Pehrson
526. John Michael Peterson
527. Catherine E. Poelman
528. Tyler and Sarah Peterson
529. Brent Kevern Palmer
530. Holly Poff
531. Jay F. and Janis S. Pryor
532. Mark and Jamie Peterson
533. Theo J. and Ruth R. Powell
534. Panda Restaurant Group, Inc.
535. Ralph G. and Barbara R. Pahnke
536. Denis R. and Bonnie G. Phillips
537. Colin and Katherine Potter
538. Matthew J. and Ann H. Parkin
539. Mori B. and Lisa K. Paulsen
540. Randy and Molly Pearce
541. Joel and Diana J. Peterson
542. Leon and Karen Peterson
543. Nicole Pinnell
544. Larry V. and Sherry J. Poulson
545. Frank and Claudia V. Prather
546. Linda D. Page
547. Serena Dawn Quaglia
548. Gabriel Reyes
549. Kamron Howard Reese
550. Gregory T. and Jane E. Roach
551. Craig Steele Romney
552. Chad Lee. Riley
553. Michael S. and Debra J. Robinson
554. Christopher F. and Jill H. Randall
555. Ray, Quinney & Nebeker
556. Victor S. and Susan K. Rickman
557. Shirley R. Ririe
558. Laura Ellen Rice
559. Brian L. Richards
560. David B. and Andrea J. Richardson
561. Jack B. and Itha W. Rampton
562. Robert K. and Cindy K. Rothfeder
563. Steve H. and Gayle E. Reiber
564. Vernon R. and Loretta C. Rice
565. E. Russell and Phyllis J. Vetter
566. Steven T. Roens and Cheryl A. Hart
567. Michael P. Riordan
568. Patricia Carole M. Rubley
569. George A. and Karen C. Raine
570. Connie W. Reed
571. Jeffrey R. and Suzanne Riddell
572. Bret H. and Donna Rigby
573. David F. and Mary Lynne M. Robertson
574. Janie L. Rogers
575. Farrell Tyler and Debbie Rohrich-Tyler
576. Margaret Ann Rorke
577. Paul L. and Barbara A. Rose
578. Jennifer Rouse
579. Marijane Rushing
580. Gary and WenDee Russon
581. Randall R. and Raquelle T. Scott
582. Nicholas Fituri Scown
583. Brent Lee Schneider and Kim David Blackett
584. Clark L. and Marion Searle
585. Anthony John Segura
586. Alexander and Alla Shustorovich
587. Deann G. Simonich
588. Arthur B. and Sandra P. Sleeper
589. Donna T. Smart
590. Chris and Patricia Smith
591. J. Christopher Smith
592. Nathan Smith
593. Robert S. Smith
594. John R. and Geraldine J. Snow
595. Barbara Sondrup
596. SoundFORMovement
597. Anne D. Spikes
598. Alan and Tamara K. Springer
599. Sandra Faye Stennett
600. Jay L. and Kris T. Stone
601. David and Janet D. Stowell
602. Mark Stubler
603. Robert E. and Ruth J. Seegmiller
604. Sony Electronics Inc.
605. Glenda Jean Staples
606. Ruth Simmoneau
607. Andrew V. and Alice B. Sullivan
608. Arthur J. Swindle
609. Sinfonia Salt Lake
610. Jonathan Scoville and Tandy Beal
611. Camille Larissa Sheridan
612. Harris D. Smith
613. Michael and Sharon F. Sheranian
614. Brianna Shepard
615. Jennifer Ann Timpson Shiba
616. Roland and Renee Schiffler
617. Gary and Sylvia Skeen
618. Kendal Sudman
619. Ari and Julie Schwartz
620. Hal and Cathleen Sibley
621. Richard and Jenny Smartt
622. Stephen R. and Kathleen R. Snow
623. Karlyn Salazar
624. Scott Schaelling
625. William T. and Debra L. Siegel
626. Dustin and Jennifer M. Silvester
627. Shauna R. Scott
628. Brian C. Stewart
629. Kurt Sanders
630. Robert J. and Debbie D. Stevens
631. Jeffrey Joseph Swindel
632. Matthew Sincell
633. Erik C. Sather and Nicole Walker
634. Gregory H. and Janet L. Shaw
635. Sarah Ann Shippobotham
636. Aubrey Shirts
637. Wayne M. and Judith Starker
638. Barbara Sluder
639. James D. and Marion L. Smith
640. Mark and Margo Snyder
641. Jeff Scott Sorensen
642. J. Michael Stewart
643. Carol M. Stocking
644. James Stuart and Julianne Turner
645. Stephen and Gay Sweely
646. Lisa I. Stocking
647. Elizabeth Southwell
648. Lesli Spencer
649. Edward W. Szatmary and Michelle M. Almazan
650. Michael H. and Ruth C. Stevens
651. Glenda H. Shrader
652. Gregory J. Skedros
653. Vedrana Subotic
654. Jeffrey L. and Leslie V. Silvestrini
655. Melvin R. and Sandra S. Sowerby
656. Jeffrey W. Shields and Mary Elizabeth Ross
657. Daniel and Traci Sheinberg
658. Fred R. Silverster
659. Kay Shean
660. David K. Turok and Annabel Sheinberg
661. Leigh Selting and Marsha Knight
662. Edgar J. and Joanne Thompson
663. Glenda J. Thompson
664. Brittany A. Timpson
665. Patricia P. Tipkin
666. Bobbi Joe Thomas
667. Lisa Marie Tuckett
668. Sheryl Marama Thorell
669. Maren Danae Tenney
670. CJ and Rebecca Travis
671. Milton S. and Leslie M. Taylor
672. Kent D. and Ceceila M. Tibbitts
673. Texas Instruments Foundation
674. Wesley B. and Rebecca L. Thompson
675. David C. Huryn and Natalia L. Turk
676. Lane Twitchell and Adriana Velez
677. David S. and Lila C. Taylor
678. Wendy J. Thompson
679. Prilla S. Tilt and Lloyd V. Tilt, II
680. Marti W. Tuttle
681. Armando and Janelle Vigil
682. LaVaun Vernon
683. John and Dana Vandover
684. Nicole Anne Vernon
685. Luc M. Vanier
686. UGurt LLC
687. Utah Kannada Kuta
688. Brian and Kay Vigue
689. Christopher P. Hill and Jacqueline Wittmeyer
690. Connor Wright
691. Connor Weems
692. Rex G. Wheeler and Cora J. West
693. Krista Nicole Widdison
694. Kate Wolsey and Jacqueline Green
695. Alene K. Wecker
696. John W. and Linda Whiting
697. Laurel Rollins Walsh
698. Chad A. Wilber
699. Isabel Brooks Washburn
700. Harold and Peggy Weight
701. William E. and Sharon L. White
702. James Warren Williams
703. Marcie Wray
704. Ruth V. Watkins and Robert Young
705. Gina Williford
706. Sharon Walkington
707. Rhett Wimmer
708. Eric Craig Wing
709. Todd Woodbury and Heidi DeWitt Woodbury
710. Madeline Wright
711. Jason Aaron Wild
712. Daniel Walker
713. Donald E. Webb
714. Ardis Westwood
715. David B. and Anne G. Wirthlin
716. Wells Fargo Foundation Educational Match
717. Julia Simmons Watkins
718. Arnold J. and Jennifer B. West
719. Warren and Mary Whitaker
720. Ronald E. and Susan B. White
721. Robert and Sheree Weixler
722. Matthew G. and Anita C. Wells
723. Mary Elizabeth Wemer
724. Patricia West
725. Warren and Mary Whitaker
726. Whittenburg Foundation
727. Debra L. Williams
728. Gwen G. Williams
729. Margaret W. Wilson
730. J. Todd and Michelle Wolfenbarger
731. Marcie B. Whipple
732. Lawrence and Maida Withers
733. John L. and Susan W. Walker
734. Thomas and Maureen Wipf
735. Frederick G. and Corrine K. Welt
736. David G. and Steffenie E. Yates
737. Paul C. and Kathryn B. Young
738. Chandra Randi Young
739. Preston John Zook
740. Tieg Anthony Zaharia
741. Shawn R. Zenger