The faculty, staff, and especially the students in the College of Fine Arts thank our generous donors for their contributions to the College and its five academic units from July 1, 2017, through June 30, 2018. Their incredible generosity has enhanced education, empowered many, and inspired us all. 

Connoisseur ($25,000+)

1. Anonymous
2. Kenneth P. and Sally Rich Burbidge Foundation I
3. Lawrence L. Corry*
4. Kem C. and Carolyn B. Gardner
5. Gordon and Connie Hanks
6. James R. and Nanette S. Michie Foundation
7. Jay and Sandhya Narasipura
8. Stanford C. Stoddard*
9. Zions Bank

Aficionado ($10,000-$24,999)

1. Anonymous
2. Artworks For Kids
3. Brent and Bonnie Jean Beesley Foundation
4. Kenneth P. and Sally Rich Burbidge Foundation II
5. Dick and Timmy Burton Foundation
6. Michael Manship and Andrea Dumke-Manship
7. Susan G. Gaskill
8. Lee A. and Audrey Mack Hollaar
9. Charles H. and Kathie K. Horman
10. McCarthey Family Foundation
11. W. Mack & Julia S. Watkins Foundation Trust
12. Ronald C. and Carol M. Werner
13. Richard I. and Judy Winwood

Benefactor ($5,000-$9,999)

1. Anonymous
2. M. Lynn Bennion Foundation
3. E. J. Bird Foundation
4. Edward L. Burton Foundation
5. Marian A. Connelly-Jones
6. Lawrence T. and Janet T. Dee Foundation
7. George S. and Dolores Doré Eccles Foundation
8. Robert H. and Katharine B. Garff
9. Larry H. Miller Charities
10. Anne Osborn Poelman
11. S. J. & Jessie E. Quinney Foundation
12. Janet M. Schaap Trust
13. Roger H. and Colleen K. Thompson Foundation
14. John M. and Martha M. Veranth
15. Wells Fargo Foundation
16. Connie Jo M. Hepworth-Woolston and E. Art Woolston

Patron ($2,500-$4,999)

1. Anonymous
2. Sandi Jo Behnken
3. L. Frank and Jean J. Bentley
4. William R. Bireley
5. The Rodney Brady Family Foundation
6. Michael and Frances R. Carnes
7. Lisa Chaufty and Miguel Chuaqui
8. Shane Larson and Genevieve Christianson
9. Howard S. and Betty B. Clark
10. Daynes Music Company
11. Kent C. and Martha H. DiFiore Family Foundation
12. Lisa L. and Eric C. Evans
13. Ira and Lili Field
14. J. Chris and Sandra L. Hemmersmeier
15. Leo and Harriet D.W. Hopf
16. Emma Eccles Jones Foundation
17. Alex and Sarah Lowe
18. James P. Macken
19. Magicspace Entertainment
20. Robert W. Stringham and Michelle Michie
21. Leon and Karen F. Peterson
22. Presser Foundation
23. Jim L. and Bonita Robertson
24. Bruce G. and Sara V. Robinson
25. Salt Lake Acting Company
26. Salt Lake City Arts Council
27. Daniel M. and Nicky M. Soulier
28. State Farm Companies Foundation
29. Geoffrey S. and Adria J. Swindle
30. Anthony R. Wallin and Jennifer Price-Wallin
31. Von H. and Virginia Whitby
32. Paul L. and Marilyn D. Whitehead

Advocate ($1,000-$2,499)

1. Anonymous
2. Rodney L. and Sally Brown
3. Charity Auctions Today
4. Thomas D. and Joanne A. Coppin
5. Ashby S. Decker and Anne Cullimore Decker
6. Early Light Academy
7. Sue J. Ellis*
8. Excellence in the Community, Inc.
9. George B. and Debra G. Felt
10. Jerome C. and Abby L. Fiat
11. Susan F. Fleming
12. Galleries West, Inc.
13. David P. and Sheila S. Gardner
14. Robert and Mary D. Gilchrist
15. Ralph and Rosie Gochnour
16. Jonathan Horne and Colleen Wilson-Horne
17. Elizabeth S. Hunter
18. Kimberly A. and David R. Johnson
19. Raymond Tymas-Jones
20. Kory D. and Karen L. Larsen
21. Lennox Larson Family
22. Donald B. and Mary O. Lloyd
23. Michael A. Kalm and Janet C. Mann
24. Paul G. and Alison R. Mayfield
25. Nebeker Family Foundation
26. Wayne G. and Robyn E. Petty
27. Douglas K. and Irene K. Pottratz
28. John and Marcia Price Family Foundation
29. Sarah Projansky and Kent A. Ono
30. Lesli and Scott Rice
31. Anne W. Riffey
32. Steven L. Rosenberg
33. Jonathan M. and Tina B. Ruga
34. John W. and Amy Scheib
35. Dan W. and Margaret K. Schultz
36. Dorothy Ware
37. William and Barbara Welke

Friends $1-$999

1. Anonymous
2. Thomas Douglas Aaron
3. Marylin Acosta
4. Kurt E. and Michelle C. Addison
5. Judith and Donald Adolphson
6. Cody Grant Ahlstrom
7. Dominic Jr. and Virginia Albo
8. Eleanor Altman
9. Michelle M. Almazan and Edward W. Szatmary
10. Brennan Mark Ambrose
11. Diane M. and Michael J. Anderson
12. Elizabeth Rachel Anderson
13. Jessica Leigh and Newel Anderson
14. Leslie H. and Sherman F. Anderson
15. Reed O. and Wendy May Anderson
16. Margo L. Andrews
17. Thomas R. and Sidney H. Armstrong
18. Audrey J. Arona
19. Marie Y. And Jack S. Ashton

20. Jacob Austad Bagley
21. Amy Louise Balthrop
22. Devon L. and R. Jake Barnes
23. LaMar C. Jr. and Carol W. Barrus
24. Melissa and John Barto
25. Margaret Joyce Bennett
26. John W. and Elizabeth Bennion
27. Barbara E. and John E. Berg
28. Courtney Shea Bergen
29. Tricia Lea and Daniel Kenneth Bergeson
30. John W. Bernstein
31. Michelle Colleen Bickel
32. Hope Bird
33. Kyle William Bishop
34. Annette Blackham
35. Brian L. Blackham
36. Rick G. and Rose Blackham
37. Rebecca Lee Blue
38. Kevin Bogdanow and Lenore Somer
39. Patti A. Bollenbaugh
40. Gerrit Boogert
41. Cheryl A. Bratz
42. Ellen R. Bromberg
43. Joan C. Brown
44. Michael D. Brown
45. Sarah Elizabeth and Scott James Brown
46. William E. Buchanan
47. Aaron L. Bruderer
48. Kristina F. and Kenneth J. Burton

49. Mary Ellen B. Caine
50. Café Zupas
51. Monte Caldwell and Bryon Kevin Russell
52. Hal K. and Joan D. Campbell
53. Michelle Annette Campbell
54. Priscilla J. Campbell
55. Kathryn C. and Roger A. Carter
56. Earl J. Catterton and K. A. Sargent
57. John R. Cederlof
58. CENGAGE Learning
59. Matthew S.H. Chambers
60. Demetria Chappo
61. Wei-Wen Chen
62. Corinne Cherie and Carl Wilmarth
63. Jamie L. Chinn
64. James N. Chipman
65. Chipotle Mexican Grill
66. Anne P. and Daniel R. Chisholm
67. Necia H. and Donald G. Christensen
68. Mark V. Christison
69. Marquita Shell Christison
70. Lynne H. Church
71. Elayne B. and L. Charles Clark
72. Joann S. Clark
73. Michael Clary
74. Christin Cleaver
75. Andrew Scott Cole
76. Rita D. Collins
77. Carla Rae Cook and Craig Jorgensen
78. Carol W. and David M. Coulter
79. John A. and Moroi Cowden
80. Janet C. Cox

81. Cindy Dahle
82. Lance Daniels
83. Gina Leigh Davis
84. Julie W. and M. Thomas Davis
85. Patti M. and Stephen H. Davies
86. Tina DeCaria
87. Charles A. and Christina Deneris
88. Michael Edward and Sheila Deputy
89. Deseret Book Company
90. Bonnie J. Dezzutto
91. DonateWell
92. Donation Xchange
93. Dalton and Joanna Driggers
94. Richard C. and Erin Dyer

96. Eric N. and Shellie M. Eide
97. Elaine E. and Kirk Englehardt

98. David T. Fikstad
99. James R. and Mary Frances Finkler
100. Barbara L. and Millard S. Firebaugh
101. Cynthia F. and Jeff Fleming
102. Kimberly A. and André M. Floyd
103. Virginia J. and Robert Bruce Folsom
104. Lynda Grace Fowler
105. Dominic John Fratto
106. F. Ivan Frazier
107. Berkley R.J. Frei
108. Landon Louis and Ashley Ann Freter
109. Rinda Frye
110. Fund Raising Counsel Inc.
111. Carl L. Gable
112. Norma W. and Joseph Gabriel
113. Susan M. Gabriel
114. Rosemary T. and Bernard Ganis
115. Nedra C. Gaskill
116. Anne and David Van Gelder
117. David H. and Kaye Gentry
118. Sheena Gentry
119. Elizabeth Maria and Eli German
120. Noelle and Gary Glade
121. Royden J. and Rebecca B. Glade
122. Jon R. Glenn and Jennifer A. Mayer-Glenn
123. April W. and Dale W. Goddard
124. Cynthia A. Godsey and Fred L. Gottlieb
125. Lareena Deann Goertz
126. Kevin James Golub
127. Wayne Lewis Goodsell
128. Carol A. Goodson
129. Tamra Goodwin
130. Romas Grazhees
131. Richard N. and Carolyn Greene
132. Susan H. Greene
133. Elizabeth Camille Griggs
134. Barbara Grossman
135. Joshua B. Gwynn
136. Brian Haan and Mary Wohl Haan
137. Robert A. Haise
138. Jette Halladay
139. Barbara J. and E. Dean Hamblin
140. Larry T. and Robyn L. Hancock
141. Christina N. Hafen
142. Sarah T. and Johnathon J. Hanks
143. Jeffrey Paul Hansen and Julie Christine Rutledge Hansen
144. Brooks Conn Harbertson
145. David C. and Catherine S. Hardy
146. Thomas L. Harkness
147. Dana Ririe and Kenneth F. Harlos
148. June L. Harral
149. Caitlyn Sara Harris
150. Richard Clinton Harris
151. Heidi Harrison
152. Carol O. and Thomas Martin Hartvigsen
153. Neal and Cindy Haskins
154. Emily Ruth Haws
155. Mary Ann Hess and Gregory K. Hayes
156. Ronald R. and Candace Heezen
157. January Held
158. Matthew Redge Henn
159. Nancy and Dustin Heuston
160. Leora R. and Paul W. Hewitt
161. Rebecca A. Hickox
162. Stephen M. and Patricia Hodson
163. Marsha Holfeltz
164. Boyd M. Holt
165. Honea Ins Fin Svcs, Inc.
166. Kerri A. Hopkins
167. Douglas A. Howard*
168. Deborah B. and Richard V. Hoyt
169. Gretchen Marie Huff
170. Michael D. and Susan S. Huff
171. Hughes & Associates LLC
172. David and Kathryn Hughes
173. Mary E. Hughes
174. Shirley Y. Hughes
175. Satu Hummasti
176. Sara L. and David R. Hunt
177. Laura Groussman and Bruce W. Hunter
178. Lori A. Hutchison
179. Karineh Hovsepian and Russell Kelly
180. Jackman Music Corporation
181. Stephen M. Jackson
182. J. Boyer Jarvis *
183. Rebecca E. and Matthew Jennejohn
184. Douglas and Claudia Jensen
185. George E. Johnson, IV
186. Jennifer Binford Johnson
187. Nancy M. and Jeffrey R. Johnson
188. Glenn R. Kaplan
189. Elaine S. Kaufman
190. Suzan A. Kendall
191. Mary Sue Kessler
192. Mary C. Kindred
193. Kaltin Michael Kirby
194. Brandon R. Kitterman
195. Marsha Knight and Leigh Selting
196. Kathleen C. Knowlton
197. Matthew Koch
198. Stephen J. Koester
199. Stanley J. and Eileen Kraczek
200. Justine Sheedy-Kramer and Hasko Kramer
201. Marilyn W. Krantz
202. Mischa Kuczynski
203. Thomas and Patrice S. Kurz
204. Robert J. Labrum
205. Kelsey Landry
206. Leah Virginia Langan
207. Paul B. and Sharon O. Larson
208. Kimberly Latham
209. Martha F. and David K. Lauritzen
210. Kristina Sue Lenzi and Nini Rich
211. Letitia P. and David Lester
212. Joan L. Levy
213. Daniel Jay Lewis
214. Ruoyu Li
215. Darron P. and Mary J. Lillian
216. Trudy B. and L. Jon Lindgren
217. Matthew W. Lipscomb and Tracie Palmer
218. Wilma S. and Herbert C. Livsey
219. Erica Lovell
220. Larry D. and Joyce P. Lowder
221. LPL Financial
222. Andrea Chaston Luker
223. Kent M. and Rebecca Lyman
224. David J. and Leslee Magidson
225. Paul David Majnik
226. Sreekanta Manjunath
227. Mary-Margaret E. Marcantonio
228. Pamela L. March
229. Juliana Vorkink Martin
230. Sanjay Math
231. Rory Dean Maxwell
232. Janice C. McCallister and Jeffrey Bollwinkel
233. Anne Segrest Mcculloch
234. Dylan McCullough
235. Colin Hull McDermott
236. Maureen McGill
237. Lorita S. McLeod
238. James B. Merlette
239. Jill E. and Brian C. Meyer
240. D. Kent and Barbara E. Michie
241. Mightycause Charitable Foundation
242. Suzanne H. Mihalopoulos
243. Duane B. Millard
244. Harry B. Millyard
245. Antoinette and Paul L. Mistretta
246. Eric R. and Emilee Morgan
247. Emily Carpenter Mostue and A. Mostue
248. Robert C. Mueller and Lisabeth Anne Carlson
249. Christian Munoz
250. D.S. and N.D. Murdock Family Trust
251. Steffani A. Mwaruka
252. Rodney D. and Carolyn Neal
253. Marilyn H. Neilson
254. Andrea N. Nelson
255. Andrea Van Nest
256. Dr. LeighAnne T. Nevins
257. Gregory Lamont Nielsen
258. Nancy Green Nielsen
259. Sean Patrick O’Hara
260. Tyler Oliphant
261. Mary-Martha J. and Christian Ostler
262. Jerold D. and Jo Ann S. Ottley
263. Brent Kevern Palmer
264. Elizabeth Paniagua-Emerson
265. Mary Lou P. and Ralph F. Peak
266. R.K. & E.D. Pedersen Family Foundation, Inc.
267. Phillips Art Gallery
268. Tanya L. Platt
269. Sterling S. Poulson
270. Wendy A. and Douglas C. Preston
271. Price Realty Group, LLC
272. Michael B. and Yvonne Purcell
273. Mary G. Staheli-Putnam and Howard Putnam
274. Kristi Marlene Ragsdale
275. George A. and Karen C. Raine
276. Jack B. and Itha W. Rampton
277. Ray, Quinney & Nebeker
278. Gayle E. and Steve H. Reiber
279. Piper Candace Reid
280. Natalie Reiser
281. Julie W. and Jaryl L. Rencher
282. Gayle F. and John D. Richards
283. Laura Ellen Rice
284. Loretta C. and Vernon R. Rice
285. Gayle F. and John D. Richards
286. Bryce Hudson Riley
287. Chad Lee Riley
288. Michael P. Riordan
289. David Robertson
290. Debra J. and Michael S. Robinson
291. Steven T. Roens and Cheryl A. Hart
292. Rhonda C. Rooker
293. Chelsea Paige Rowe
294. Richard L. Rowsell and Ronald L. Harrington
295. Patricia Carole M. and Raymond C. Rubley*
296. Marijane Rushing
297. Philip Russel and Joan Elizabeth Patterson
298. Maida Rust and Lawrence Arlen Withers
299. Judith A. Ryerson
300. Jean Ann Sabatine
301. Karlyn Salazar
302. Ana Isabel Samuals and Yonn Mann Samuels
303. Linda C. Gordon-Saunders and Charles C. Saunders
304. Robert P. and Laverne C. Schardt
305. Donna P. and Philip S. Schmidt
306. Nancy J. and Eugene Schmitz
307. Brent Lee Schneider and Kim David Blackett
308. Mark N. and Valerie Schneider
309. Andrew James Schummer
310. Julie F. and Ari D. Schwartz
311. Jonathan Scoville and Tandy Beal
312. Seaspray Condominium Association, Inc.
313. Robert E. and Ruth Jacob Seegmiller
314. Rachael J. and Charles L. Sharp
315. Jennifer Ann Timpson Shiba
316. Yujiro Shimogori
317. Glenda H. Shrader
318. Cathleen and Hal Sibley
319. Debra L. and William T. Siegel
320. Jeffrey L. and Leslie V. Silvestrini
321. Val I. and Barbara T. Singleton
322. Timothy Alan Sloan
323. James D. and Marion L. Smith
324. Stephen Ray and Kathleen R. Snow
325. Elizabeth H. Solomon
326. Jeff Scott Sorensen
327. Elizabeth Southwell
328. Sandra S. Sowerby
329. T.L. and Diane D. Stallings
330. Tomislav Stanich
331. Glenda Jean Staples
332. Emily and Alan Stemmons
333. Debbie D. and Robert J. Stevens
334. Michael Henry and Ruth C. Stevens
335. David T. Stout
336. Venkatesh and Deepa Subramanyan
337. Andrew V. and Alice B. Sullivan
338. Tracy L. Sweeten
339. Jeffrey Joseph Swindel
340. Arthur J. Swindle
341. Kay D. Taylor and Vincent R. Collins
342. Milton S. and Leslie M. Taylor
343. Louise Tedesco
344. Alden Terry
345. Genevieve Marie Thompson
346. Glenda J. Thompson
347. Wendy J. Thompson
348. Francis E. Timlin
349. Jennifer Tolch
350. Meggie May Troili
351. Sandra J. and Thomas J. Tsekouras
352. David and Mary Jo Tufte
353. Up Stage Design, Inc.
354. Dana Alice and John Taylor Vandover
355. C. Jean Varney
356. Fox Vernon
357. Kara J. Vetica
358. Rheba Vetter and Kim N. Morris
359. Gary J. and Mary Paula Vien
360. Merrill S. and Edward C. Wall
361. Jacquelyn Marie and Brian Wallenberg
362. Jackie and Jon Paul Ward
363. Douglas Krehl Warner
364. Julia Simmons and W. Mack Watkins
365. Wayne Leupold Editions, Inc
366. Alene K. Wecker
367. Patricia L. Weeks and Brian C. Jensen
368. Wilfred H. and Edith D. Savage Weeks
369. Frank M. and Janell Weinstock
370. Mary Elizabeth Wemer
371. Richard J. and Loretta C. Wertheimer
372. Thomas and Elinor G. Wertheimer
373. Warren and Mary M. Whitaker
374. Sharon L. and William E. White
375. Whittington, Kouri & Gentry P.C.
376. Krista Nicole Widdison
377. Cheryl Wiesenberg
378. Jason Aaron Wild
379. Steve C. Labrum and Jenny Wilder
380. Gwen G. Williams
381. Michele L. and Thomas J. Williams
382. West K. Willmore
383. John Paul and Joy F. Wiscombe
384. Deborah M. Wouden
385. Hogan R. Wright
386. Derryl Yeager
387. Victoria Yee
388. Chandra Randi Young
389. Tieg Anthony Zaharia
390. Christopher Zawislak