College Council

The College Council shall be the representative body of the College of Fine Arts, which shall have, subject to the approval of the Academic Senate, jurisdiction over all questions of educational policy affecting the College, including program development, requirements for entrance and graduation, curriculum, course fees, and special projects.

The College Council meets four times each year and consists of representatives from tenure-line faculty, career-line faculty, staff, and students from the College. 

To read the CFA College Council Charter, click here: CFA – College Charter 2022

Summaries from previous College Council Meetings

2020-21 College Council Roster

John W. Scheib | Dean - College of Fine Arts
Melonie Murray | Associate Dean - College of Fine Arts
Liz Leckie | Associate Dean - College of Fine Arts
Karineh Hovsepian | Assistant Dean - College of Fine Arts
Sydney Cheek-O'Donnell | Associate Dean - College of Fine Arts
Brooke Horejsi | Assistant Dean - College of Fine Arts
Kelby McIntyre-Martinez | Assistant Dean - College of Fine Arts
Paul Stout | Art & Art History
Elena Shtromberg | Art & Art History
Dan Evans/Ed Bateman | Art & Art History
Elizabeth Dewitte | Art & Art History
Kelly Goff | Art & Art History
Kiki Karahalios | Art & Art History
Luc Vanier | Dance
Molly Heller | Dance
Melissa Bobick | Dance
Sara Pickett | Dance
Laura Baumeister/Brooke Wertwijn | Dance
Halie Bahr | Dance
Sean Carter | Dance/Theatre Staff Group
Andrew Patrick Nelson | Film & Media Arts
Michael Edwards | Film & Media Arts
Miriam Albert-Sobrino | Film & Media Arts
Steve Pecchia-Bekkum| Film & Media Arts
Nikki Bullock | Film & Media Arts
TBD | Film & Media Arts
Jen Humphreys | Film & Media Arts/Art & Art History Staff Group
Miguel Chuaqui | Music
Paul Sherrill | Music
Jane Hatter | Music
Pam Jones | Music
Benji Drysdale | Music
Amy Bach | Music
Claudia Horton | Music Staff Group
Sydney Cheek-O'Donnell | Theatre
Andra Harbold | Theatre
Xan Johnson | Theatre
Hugh Hanson | Theatre
Tom Roche | Theatre
Blake Bratcher | IT/Marketing/Advisors/Development Staff Group