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College of Fine Arts Internship Coordinator, Kate Wolsey, was named Partner of the Year by U Career Success. 

"Kate has played an integral role in helping U Career Success build and develop a strong relationship with the College of Fine Arts," the committee wrote. "She has been an advocate for our coaches to connect with Fine Arts students through ArtsForce events, tabling, one on one coaching sessions, and career treks. She has also been a huge asset to the Corporate & Community Engagement team by continually answering questions, offering connections and resources, and collaborating on ways to find and connect students with jobs. She’s also been a teacher, helping us to understand what Fine Arts students are looking for and how we can best serve them.

"Kate says “yes” any time we ask for her help. Whether it is offering helpful insights, making an introduction to staff in the College of Fine Arts, supporting us through various events or highlighting jobs on the ArtsForce Canvas page, we know we can count on her!" 

I'm appreciative of this recognition," Wolsey said. "Working alongside students is incredibly fulfilling for me because I understand the profound impact that experiential learning opportunities and access to resources for professional growth can have on shaping their futures." 

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