Arts Bash

One of the largest arts celebrations on campus, Arts Bash boasts live performances, information booths, free t-shirts, interactive art, a photo booth, and free food! You can grab a hot dog, watch live performances, and check out the booths. Make sure you pick up a passport and collect enough stamps by visiting various booths, so you can redeem it for your free Arts Bash t-shirt. In essence, we're throwing a massive party to let you know what arts experiences are at your fingertips as a student of the University of Utah, including art exhibits, dance performances, film screenings, concerts - even events at UtahPresents, Pioneer Theatre Company, and the Utah Museum of Fine Arts (UMFA). And, all it takes is your student ID.

Arts Bash 2019
August 28 | 10:30A — 1:30P
Library Plaza
Interactive Art. T-shirts. Food. 

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