Advisory Board

The Fine Arts Advisory Board (FAAB) is composed of community leaders who assist the Dean, faculty, students, and staff of the College of Fine Arts. FAAB members contribute time and treasure to help ensure that the student-centered mission of the College is realized and that the arts are a vital dimension of a University of Utah education. Primarily, FAAB members support scholarships and other programs that enrich the education and training opportunities available to our talented students.

Current Members

  • John W. Scheib, Associate Vice President for the Arts, and Dean, College of Fine Arts
  • Bill Bireley, The Bireley FoundationMonte Caldwell, Managing Partner - Byron Russell LLC
  • Genevieve Christianson, Professional Singer
  • Kent DiFiore, Utah Cancer Specialists, PC (Retired)
  • Darla Gill, Co-Founder & Ambassador - Merit Medical Systems, Inc.
  • Mary Lou Hansen, Artist & Community Volunteer
  • Chris Hemmersmeier, CEO - Jerry Seiner Dealerships
  • Sarah Lowe, Community Volunteer
  • Angie Matinkhah, Partner - ARCOM (Retired)
  • Dustin Matinkhah, Owner - Dara Modern
  • Mary Lou Matzinger, Community Volunteer
  • Lucy Partridge, Author, Artist, Community Volunteer
  • Wayne Petty, Attorney - Petty Legal
  • Patricia Pignanelli, Community Volunteer
  • Katherine Potter, Pathway Associates LLC
  • Jennifer Price-Wallin (Chair), Community Volunteer
  • Shari Quinney, Community Volunteer
  • Gary Sandberg, Board Chair - Granite Mill & Fixture Co.
  • Marilyn Whitehead, Community Volunteer