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The College of Fine Arts Emerging Leaders program assists our undergraduate students in creating and participating in leadership opportunities both on campus and off. There are three major components to the program: Student Advisory Committee, Emerging Leaders Internship Program, and the College of Fine Arts Internship Opportunities. 

Student Advisory Committee (SAC)

SACs are student groups established within each department to promote communication and interaction among students, faculty, staff, and administrators. They are led by the SAC Chair at the undergraduate, and if applicable, graduate level. Under the leadership of the chair(s), SACs provide students with more opportunities to offer their voices and perspectives at the departmental level. SACs are both a social and an academic organization within their department and as such they advance involvement opportunities, encourage participation in departmental activities, and work together with others to build campus community.

Some of the ROLES of the SACs are to:

  • Promote academic and social activities
  • Encourage collaboration with other student organizations
  • Provide service opportunities
  • Assist in the faculty RPT process
  • Build campus community at the University

CFA SAC CHAIRS have the following responsibilities to the College of Fine Arts:

  • Primary leader and contact among the Dean’s Office, ASUU and the students in their units
  • Organizers of departmental SAC Open House
  • Voting members of the CFA College Council
  • Coordinators of the departmental SAC Retention Promotion & Tenure (RPT) reports
  • Voting members of the Fine Arts Fee Grants Funding Committee (FAFG)
  • Leaders in the annual SAC leadership transition
  • Committee members in the selection of the CFA Convocation Speaker

Each CFA SAC Chair who fulfills the additional responsibilities required by the College of Fine Arts will receive $500 for the academic year.

Meet the SAC Representatives



Emerging Leaders Internship Program

The College of Fine Arts Emerging Leaders Internship Program was created to give undergraduate students the opportunity to help facilitate and contribute to the betterment and proliferation of a strong arts education. Interns will be:

  • Interns will be CFA undergraduate students with a desire to raise awareness and educate others about the value of arts degrees in our society.
  • Interested in working both independently and collaboratively.
  • Interested in strengthening their professional skill set.


ELI: Create Success Initiative: Application
There are four intern positions available for the Create Success Initiative. This internship will focus on working with new College of Fine Arts students during their transition. Primary responsibilities will include orientation and sharing information about the College of Fine Arts, Arts Pass and ArtsForce Programs. Interns can expect to earn $11.00 per hour. Create Success Interns will work directly with Academic Advisor, Jennifer McLaurin. If you have any questions, please contact Jennifer at


ELI: ArtsForce: Application

There are four intern positions available for ArtsForce. This internship includes working as a member of a team conducting informational interviews with professionals working in the fine arts, creating and promoting internship and career treks on a local and regional level, maintaining the ArtsForce Canvas Community, and researching and sharing relevant information. Interns can expect to earn $11.00 per hour. ArtsForce Interns will work directly with Internship Coordinator, Kate Wolsey. If you have any questions, please contact Kate at


Other Student Involvement Opportunities 

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