Recap: ArtsForce Career Trek to Eccles Theatre

April 24 2023

by Kira Sincock 

In April, ArtsForce had the exciting opportunity to visit Eccles Theater for the last Career Trek of the year. During the tour, students were able to learn about the inner workings of a notable organization that is dedicated to bringing the national performing arts scene to our local community.

We met Cami Munk, Marketing and PR Manager, in the lobby of Eccles Theater to kick off the tour. As trek attendees were filling in, she described the history of the building, as well as the artistry that went into its new design. The lobby itself is a living gallery, in which fixtures like the chandeliers and flooring were handcrafted by artists, specifically for the Eccles.

After admiring how much detail went into the lobby alone, Cami led us into the actual theater. We marveled at the star-like ceiling and the shimmering walls as we filled the seats near the front of the stage. She explained how the theater aimed to mimic the scenery of southern Utah. The color palette of the space consisted of warm hues to match Utah’s red rocks. The walls were sequined and the catwalks above us were covered in lights to imitate the starry night skies one might encounter in Utah’s deserts.

As we settled into our seats, Cami dove into the operations at Eccles Theater. She explained the range of shows Eccles has featured, from Hamilton to Neil deGrasse Tyson. Because Eccles Theater is partners with Broadway Across America, Utahns have the chance to connect with acclaimed Broadway performances. In terms of careers, Cami emphasized that Eccles Theater needs a diverse range of skill sets in order for it to run. Some examples of disciplines at the theater are marketing/communications, arts administration, sound/audio design, and even carpentry. This drove home the notion that there is a need for your skills in every facet of the arts, even if it is in a place where you least expect it. 

afeccles3Upon hearing the wide variety of careers at Eccles Theater, many students in the audience were curious as to how they might get the skills necessary to become a viable candidate in the future. Cami described how volunteering is a great way to get your foot in the door and make connections. Not only do you get to meet people that work at the organization you’re interested in, but you also gain exposure to the operations of the company just by being present. She also noted that regardless of getting a degree or learning on the job, it doesn’t matter how you get your experience as long as you can prove you have the knowledge. In terms of soft skills, Cami shared that being a good person to work with is just as important as your technical skills. Beyond attention to detail and good communication, it is especially important in the performing arts to be adaptable and quick at making decisions.

As we neared the end of our tour, Cami took us backstage to see the theater from the performer’s perspective. She conducted a brief lighting demonstration and touched on the elaborate sets that a show may bring with them on the road. If our time at Eccles Theater wasn’t exciting enough, Cami sealed the deal by walking us through their poster hallway that boasts murals from their past shows and performances. Abiding by a strict “no touching” rule, we were able to observe signatures from cast members, comedians, and musicians.

Our time at Eccles Theater was the perfect way to wrap up the spring semester.

We hope you have a great summer, and are looking forward to seeing you again at our Career Treks in the fall!

Author Kira Sincock is studying Game Art within the Entertainment Arts and Engineering program, and minoring in Drawing within the College of Fine Arts. She is an Emerging Leaders Intern with ArtsForce.