Allison Billmeyer and Piper Salazar on playing the Evans sisters in "She Kills Monsters"

January 17 2020
Photo | Todd Collins Photo | Todd Collins

Sisters Tilly and Agnes Evans are at the heart of the “She Kills Monsters,” (now open at Kingsbury Hall). While grieving Tilly’s death, Agnes Evans discovers a whole new side of her late sister, anchored in the wild world of Dungeons & Dragons.

We caught up with actors Allison Billmeyer and Piper Salazar, about the challenges and triumphs in the journey to bring the sisters to life.

What is the most challenging part of embodying Tilly and Agnes in "She Kills Monsters?"

Allison: Throughout most of the play, Tilly is essentially a figment of Chuck’s imagination (the Dungeon Master that Agnes enlists for help). I think that was tricky to wrap my head around -- how she’s so many different versions of herself. But still playing it straight through.

Piper: The most challenging part of being Agnes is embodying a character who has experienced extreme loss. Agnes has lost both her parents and little sister in a car crash, and it is incredibly hard to channel that kind of trauma and energy into a character.

What is the number one thing this play taught you? 

Allison: This show is massive. Kingsbury Hall is  a huge space to perform in. There’s so many moving pieces that make it all come together. It’s been incredibly challenging and rewarding to get to work on a show that really pushes you to work on and utilize the skills we learn in the Actor Training Program. We get to work on so much in this show from fight choreography, character work, vocal work, puppets & shadow play, intimacy choreography, and text work. 

Piper: The number one thing this play has taught me is that people deserve to be seen for their best. Every person is magical and amazing even if it is not noticeable at first glance or by the way they present themselves.

What’s one thing about Dungeons and Dragons the general public would be surprised about or interested to know?

Allison: I suppose, just how involved & complicated D&D is. It’s not an easy game to wrap your head around or start playing because there’s a lot of information to take in. 

Piper: D & D is more than just a board game. As we learn in the show, it is about having fun, saving the world, and wish fulfillment. You can be anyone you want to be when playing the game.

There are lots of chances to see these women in action this weekend at Kingsbury Hall!

She Kills Monsters
January 16 – 19 at 7:30 pm
Matinees January 18* and 19 at 2:00 pm
*ASL interpretation available