7 things you can do right now for a successful fall

June 11 2020

2020 continues to keep us all on our toes — with things changing rapidly as the public health situation evolves in our community. The University of Utah and College of Fine Arts continue to work tirelessly to plan the fall semester with safety as a top priority, and while things will look different, our commitment to the student experience is central and will not waver.

We know there is still a lot to be determined, and many of us are standing by for concrete answers and more specifics.

But here is the good news — we have identified several ways you can take action today to start to set yourself up for a rewarding year.  


Here are 7 things to do right now:  

1. Plan to Register

As you may know from the University’s Return to Campus plan, Fall 2020 classes will be conducted with a hybrid in-person and online approach. 

Plan to register for your classes now! If you are a continuing CFA student and have not already registered for Fall, we encourage you follow the directions that the University Registrar’s Office has sent to students to ensure you will be ready to complete your registration as soon as the system opens up (anticipated date: July 1, 2020). 

If you are already registered for classes, the University’s Registrar’s Office will encourage to check your schedule on or around July 1 to make sure you are aware of any scheduling changes that happened in the process.   

With things still taking shape, please also keep your eye on your Umail for any updates.

2. Create Success

Navigate on over to createsuccess.utah.edu which is packed with tips, links and resources for students to help them succeed in the CFA. This handy site provides you with the information to plan what to do early and what to do often. Now is the perfect time to get your calendar all lined up with your to-dos, setting yourself up for a great Fall 2020 and beyond. 

3. Lean on CFA’s Advisors

Not sure what classes to take or how to start creating success for yourself? CFA Academic Advisors are here to help you navigate the university so you can meet your academic goals. They are excellent problem solvers. They can help know what classes to take, discuss University policies and procedures, explore other campus opportunities, and connect you to campus resources.    

From Create Success, you can book an advising appointment with a CFA Academic Advisor. Don’t wait to get to know these wonderful student advocates!  

4. Join ArtsForce and explore its many resources

CFA students who have joined ArtsForce have access to important information about how to effectively articulate the knowledge and skills they are gaining in their arts degrees to those in and out of the arts. 

The ArtsForce canvas community has a ton of resources: advice from working professionals, how to prepare for internships, effective networking strategies, and ways to maximize your professional development. ArtsForce regularly announces professional development and internship opportunities (even now, as many positions have moved online).

Use time now to read through this information and make a plan to start your career in the arts today. If you aren’t already, join ArtsForce now.  

5. Join ProjectThriveCFA

Right after the COVID-19 pandemic hit our community, we started #ProjectThriveCFA to keep our students, faculty and staff connected from afar. This summer, we are continuing #ProjectThriveCFA on Instagram!  You can follow along to see how our community is deepening their practices, continuing to learn from a distance, and staying connected to their creativity during this time of continued uncertainty.  While much is unknown, we truly believe not just in the value of, but the need for art in trying times. 

So, use #ProjectThriveCFA and tag @uofufinearts on Instagram to be featured, and follow along to see how art persists.

6. Incoming student? Take a virtual campus tour!

University of Utah student ambassadors have put together a virtual campus tour on YouTube, walking you through the U’s most beloved spaces. Take the tour and get a bit more oriented before the fall begins.

If you have other orientation questions, visit https://orientation.utah.edu/orientation/first-year-fall-semester.php  

7. Get updates fast: Follow the CFA

Follow! Follow! Follow! Our social media channels will help you stay up to date with all the latest information both as we prepare to reopen campus and throughout the academic year. The CFA shares information from the university and across our five units. For more detailed curricular and programming info, check with your specific academic area.

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