Fine Arts Fees Grants Program wins 2020 Beacon of Excellence Award

November 05 2020

The Fine Arts Fees (FAF) Grants program at the College of Fine Arts was recently recognized with a 2020 Beacons of Excellence Award! 
This year, the awards were celebrated in a virtual ceremony. Watch the video clip above on the impact of this fantastic program. 

"The Fine Arts Fees Grants program is designed to help students fund their work and to give them valuable learning experiences creating and presenting grants. Almost entirely overseen by students in the College of Fine Arts, the FAF Grant program has provided $1.7 M in funding since its inception in 1999 — currently awarding $100,000 each year benefiting the College of Fine Arts, the University, and the community with the incredible work it funds." 

The University of Utah’s Beacons of Excellence Award was introduced in 2012 through a partnership between the Office of Undergraduate Education and the Division of Student Affairs. As part of the University’s campaign to transform the undergraduate experience, the goal of the award is to recognize and celebrate the outstanding people, programs or projects who have helped make the University a Beacon of Excellence through their commitment to providing an exceptional student education. This year’s nominations celebrate people, programs, or projects that have positively influenced students’ learning experiences and the campus during COVID-19.

Congratulations to the CFA and to the FAF Grants program! 
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