New Faculty Resources

Human Resources Information 

The university’s Human Resources website offers a wealth of information to get you started on your journey at the U, including details concerning: 

There is even a handy New Employees page that will guide you through all of your first steps as University of Utah employee. 

University of Utah I.D. – UCard 

The University of Utah ID cards are known as UCards. There are two UCard offices on campus, one at the A. Ray Olpin Student Union and one at the University Hospital Cafeteria. Students, faculty, and staff may have their picture taken and obtain their UCard at either location. 

Access Systems: Your UCard can also be used to gain access to buildings that use C-Cure systems or card readers as a security system. If your building uses this system please contact the department/school administrator for access. 

For more information, visit the UCard Services website or call 801-581-2273. 

University Network ID – uNID 

University Network ID (uNID) is a piece of information that uniquely identifies you on the University of Utah network for various computing services. Your uNID is created by substituting a lower case "u" for the first zero in your University ID. A University Network ID is also known as a uNID, username, login name or User ID. All students, faculty, and staff at the University of Utah receive an uNID. 

Your uNID doesn't work alone. You'll have to create a secure password that works with it. You do this the first time you log into the Campus Information Services (CIS) via the U homepage. To log in the first time, use your uNID and your default password: your birthday in mmddyy format. Follow the instructions to create two security questions for future identification (in case you forget your password) and to create your secure 8-character uNID password. 

Your University Network ID with its corresponding password gives you access to the campus network and computer-related services (UIT services). 

For more information, please visit UIT’s website or call UIT at 801-581-4000. 

IT Resources 

University Information Technology (UIT) 

University Information Technology is people- and mission-centered. Their role is to bring the campus together through technology. UIT is your go-to contact for dealing with your office telephone and your UMail account. Check out their New Faculty Guide to Digital Resources

Contact: 801-581-4000;  

College of Fine Arts IT 

CFA-CSIS is responsible for supporting the faculty and staff computing needs for the College of Fine Arts. They offer services such as desktop support, file services, course file support, and workstation backup. 

Contact: 801-581-8045;  

Campus Information Services – CIS 

CIS is a central location on the university website where students, faculty, and staff can sign in once to access a wealth of resources: from Faculty Services (grades, class rosters, courses, etc.) to Payroll, Human Resources, Financial Systems, and more. When using CIS for the first time you will log in using your uNID and a default password

You will be required to login using the Duo Two-Factor Authentication system. Two-factor authentication (2FA) provides an extra layer of security by requiring the user to log in with a username/password combo plus a second method of verifying the user’s identity. The second method is something the user has physical access to, like a cell phone or tablet. This ensures that even if a hacker manages to obtain a user’s login credentials, the information is useless without access to the user’s secondary device. To add your device, go to the Duo Management Portal. If you would prefer not to use your personal device, you may purchase a token at the University of Utah Campus Store

University UMail System 

Everyone at the University of Utah receives a UMail email address from the '' domain. This email account is free, and staff and faculty receive 500 MB of space. This account should be used only for University-associated emails. Do not use a Umail address for personal emails, and never use a personal email account to conduct university business. 

The default address format is your . You must create a more personalized alias, such as . Instructions on how to do this are below. 

All faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to use this address to stay informed of important information and events at the University of Utah, and so that campus departments may contact you with approved communication (no spam). Students are required to use this address for all official University communication. 

For instructions to activate your UMail account, click here

For more information, or if you are experiencing difficulties with UMail, visit UIT’s website, or contact: 801-581-4000; .


Parking is a scarce commodity on campus. We encourage everyone to commute to campus through means other than a single occupant vehicle. Individuals who bring vehicles to campus must pay to park. Except for short-term loading areas and parking reserved for clinical patients, there is no free parking at the University of Utah. 

Parking is possible—but not guaranteed—at parking meters, in pay lots, and in permit lots. Except for pay lots and parking meters, all vehicles must have a permit if they are to park on the university campus. 

Parking areas are designated by signs specifying the type of parking allowed and the hours of enforcement. Unless otherwise stated, permit lots are enforced year-round, from 7am until 6pm Monday through Friday. Some lots require permits until 10pm and some individual spaces are reserved all day every day. A parking permit is not a guarantee of a parking space in a specific lot. Parking is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Lot designations change and availability is often impacted by a variety of events. Find an interactive campus parking map here

For additional parking information and to purchase a parking permit visit the Commuter Services website. 

Free Campus Shuttle 

The Campus Shuttle department is dedicated to serving the campus community through accessible routes and schedules. Live Shuttle Tracking and text message route locators have enhanced the service. Shuttle operations begin Monday through Friday as early as 6am and continue until 11:30pm depending on the route. There is no regular weekend service. For more information about shuttle routes and services click here. You can find a live shuttle map by following this link

UTA and the U – Traveling by Frontrunner, TRAX, or Bus 

UCard holders may ride UTA transportation (Frontrunner, TRAX, or Bus) for free with their UCard by doing the following steps: 

  • Get your UCard at any UCard office. 
  • Tap your proximity enabled UCard on the card reader located on UTA buses and train platforms as you enter and exit to ride for free. The U-Pass is not valid on PC/SLC Connect, Ski Service, and Paratransit service. 

Riders using the UCard will be subject to random spot checks to ensure they have used the reader in order to ride. 

For more information, visit the University of Utah Commuter Services website. For a full schedule or transportation availability and schedules, please visit the Utah Transit Authority’s website. 

Bike to the U 

Bicycling is a convenient, healthy, and sustainable alternative to driving to campus. It is virtually cost-free and allows much closer access to your destination than vehicle parking lots. Cycling to the University of Utah can be a fun, practical, and productive way of making exercise a regular part of your life. This page is intended as a commuting resource for students, faculty, staff and visitors. 

Campus Recreation Services 

When class is out, when the workday is done, U need Campus Recreation. Campus Recreation provides everything needed for a healthy mind and body — from treadmills to river rafts, intramural sports to yoga classes. And they do it at locations across campus. They are here to help you get healthy and happy, with plenty of encouragement. 

University Police and Security 

The Department of Public Safety provides all police-related services needed on the University of Utah campus, which spans over 1800 acres. Officers patrol campus 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help safeguard the U community of close to 50,000 people. 

All university employees are required to complete a firearms training. You will be assigned this training on CIS in the Learning Management System. You will receive a notification to complete the training to your UMail. 

Police officers on campus are backed up by a security staff of over 60 people to help assure the physical safety of all university buildings and occupants. The security team monitors and responds to alarms, provides secure building access, patrols work spaces and parking areas, and provides after-dark security escorts on request. Many other services are available by contacting 801-585-1162. Immediate police or security response is available by calling the main dispatch number, 801-585-2677 (801-585-COPS) or 911. 

University of Utah Campus Alert 

The Campus Alert System is used to notify students, staff, and faculty of unforeseen events and emergencies on campus, such as snow closures, building closures, significant traffic interruptions, severe power outages, gas leaks, or other threats. 

Message timing will be appropriate to the urgency of the situation. To register for the Campus Alert System, simply provide your most current contact information by logging in to CIS and selecting the U of U Campus Alert link. You can enter any combination of email, SMS text messaging, and phone (voice) options. Be sure to press the “save” button when you are done. 

The best emergency contact number is probably your mobile phone. Please note that SMS text messages are the fastest, most reliable way to contact you. While it is not required, we encourage you to register for campus alert. The university will ONLY use your text number for emergency alerts. 

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