Introducing our new blog series, MAGNIFYING, featuring Steven Rasmussen

March 03 2017

Our creative community here at the College of Fine Arts is diverse and wide spread. With the goal of gaining a deeper knowledge and awareness of the people within our community, we bring you MAGNIFYING, a series dedicated to showcasing the talent of our students, faculty, and staff.

MAGNIFYING Interview #1: Steven Rasmussen, School of Dance

Tell us about yourself: Name, where you are from, what you do and how you got into in your field of work?
My name is Steve Rasmussen, I have lived in California, Michigan, Massachusetts, Montreal, Georgia, New York, Italy, Spain, and Utah. I am an Professor/Lecturer, Costume Shop Director, at the School of Dance, U of U. I started out as a painter, then started leaving the canvas blank and sewing it into shapes.

What has surprised you the most in your life?
What has surprised me is that I’ve been able to make just enough money to be able to travel to many places in the world. I never thought I’d be that fortunate.

What do you wish you had known, been told?
I wish I would have been told to GET OUT THERE AND BE BRAVE at a much younger age. As Joseph Campbell says: Follow your bliss.