ArtsForce’s 6th Annual Networking Event

February 19 2019

By guest blogger, Emerging Leaders Intern Emily Kleinschmidt.

Join us for ArtsForce’s 6th Annual Networking Event! Come learn useful skills and practice networking with local artists. And (most importantly) enjoy a free lunch!

For those of you who are new to the community, ArtsForce was created as a resource for students wishing to pursue a career in the arts. While the University of Utah’s, College of Fine Arts provides excellent training for students, many found they weren’t being taught other necessary skills. ArtsForce has put on workshops and events that have taught students skills in money management, arts administration, networking, etc. While being technically proficient in your art is important, it is also necessary to learn professional skills.

This year, we have invited both students and local artists to forge connections. The local artists will participate in structured, rotating discussions on their areas of expertise. Varied topics include balancing a day job with practicing your art, arts administration, running a business, etc. Students will get to speak with a number of artists and can ask them personal questions. We want students to leave feeling like they learned useful skills from the professionals. We hope that students are able to practice making genuine connections with the people in their field.

When:  3/2 from 10A – 1P
Where: Gould Auditorium at Marriot Library