5 tips for online learning from CFA Create Success Interns

March 20 2020

Check out these 5 important tips from CFA Create Success Interns Abby Davis, Mason Henrie, Matthew Rudolph, and Lia Wong!

From one student to another, here are some tips and tricks to succeed in your online classes, in the midst of this pandemquake. (pandemic earthquake)

Write things down physically. 

Research suggests writing things down physically allows for a deeper understanding than typing. It will connect your body physically to the text at hand.  One highly coveted method is the Cornell notetaking method, which is engineered to help you retain information and understand it deeply. It involves a summary and skillfully asking questions. Learn how to use this method here: http://lsc.cornell.edu/study-skills/cornell-note-taking-system/ 

Set a goal for yourself that can be quantified or measured, as well as a ‘soft’ goal.

For an example: Quantified Goal: I will get a B in all of my classes. 
Soft Goal: I will get the most that I can out of these classes and my tuition. 

Take breaks. 

For every 50-90 minutes, you should take a 15-20 minute break. You will maintain learning effectiveness far better this way than if you try to power through hours of material at a time. 

  • When you take your break, try not to look at screens. Shift your attention entirely. Try moving your body or going outside. 
  • Consider specific methods like the Pomodoro Technique; which entails 25 minute work sessions with 5 minutes breaks in between each session. Learn how to use this method here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mNBmG24djoY

Use a consistent study setting
: one that is clean and free of distractions. 

Avoid studying from a comfy couch or bed, as it is harder to stay engaged.Eliminate distractions: try having your phone on silent and the notifications off. Set up good lighting. Lighting in the room should be at least as bright as the computer screen to avoid eye strain. 


Stay Connected:

Keep in contact with your peers.
Facetime or call them with your questions.
Be there for eachother in this weird fever dream of a semester. 
Reach out to your professors. They are there to guide and assist you. 

Remember: We need art now more than ever. The world is turning to artists for comfort and joy in this time of uncertainty. Don’t stop creating and connecting! 

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