Insights from an Intern: Katie Hancock, Department of Film & Media Arts

November 16 2019

This is a series dedicated to highlighting the insights our students gained during their internships.

Name: Katie Hancock, Department of Film & Media Arts

Internship: Art Production & Marketing Art Intern, Avalanche Software | Disney Infinity

What responsibilities did you have as an intern?

The first month of the internship:

  • Daily updates to the asset database 
  • Daily updates to the schedule
  • Daily check-ins with the team - getting progress updates and sharing those updates with leads/managers 
  • Schedule and prep meetings
  • Meeting notes and distribution

As I successfully handled the workload the responsibilities increased. 

What new skills/knowledge did you gain from your internship?

I came from a medical office background of 10 years so I had to learn everything - the basics and essentials being - the studio culture, how things worked and how I fit in, workflow processes, terminology, software/programs.

What connections did you make and how do you think those connections may help you in your career?

I love the people I worked with at Avalanche and couldn’t have hoped for a better first stepping stone into the games industry. I made life-long friends there, and as my career progresses they have helped me connect with industry professionals through LinkedIn, via email introductions, and sometimes Instagram. Because of my Avalanche connections I have landed life-changing interviews which have been incredibly vital to my career.

What advice would you give other students who are interested in a similar internship?

Work hard - work really hard, and then do even more. 

How did your internship compliment your arts education?

It was a great to experience firsthand what it takes to do the job (I thought I wanted). I started my internship thinking I wanted Path A, and after a month or so I knew I definitely didn’t want Path A, and I jumped to an entirely different discipline.