Fund your dream project this fall

September 21 2022

Are you a member of a sponsored organization with a big dream? Need funding to turn your musings into reality?

This might just be your moment – it's FAF time for the fall 2022 semester. 

College of Fine Arts Sponsored Student Organizations on the SLC campus who are recognized through the University’s Student Leadership & Involvement Office, may apply for a Fine Arts Fees Grant (FAF Grant) for noncredit activities that:

  • Enhance student learning and/or,
  • Enhance the student experience for the larger University community and/or,
  • Create, host, or attend fine arts events/conferences

Still qualify? Read on! 

Steps for submitting a Qualtrics FAF Grant Proposal:

  • Visit your sponsored student org Campus Connect profile to make sure that your student org is sponsored, or still active. You can find more information on how to start a new student org here, and youcan find more information on how to reactivate a student org here.  It will take approximately 3 weeks for these processes to be completed. 
  • Schedule a meeting with your Unit/Department Business Officer & begin reviewing the FAF Grants Policy Document. Business Officers & the FAF Grants Policy Document are on the FAF Grants Website. Before you can submit your FAF Grants Qualtrics Proposal you are required to meet with your Unit/Department Business Officer. 
  • Before you can complete your FAF Grants Qualtrics Proposal you are required to meet with your Unit/Department Business Officer. 

FAF Grants proposals for the first grant cycle must be submitted prior to or on October 5, 2022.  

Prior to submitting a Cycle One FAF Grant, make sure you are leading a Sponsored Student Organization by reviewing your student groups Campus Connect profile. If you are not leading Sponsored Student Organization and you are interested in becoming sponsored by the College of Fine Arts, please email  for information on how to become a College of Fine Arts Sponsored Student Organization. 

Best of luck!