Dream big: Now is the time to apply for FAF Grant funding for your Sponsored Student Organization

January 12 2021

Do you have an idea to enhance the student experience? 


University of Utah College of Fine Arts Sponsored Student Organizations, recognized through the University’s Student Leadership & Involvement Office, may apply for a Fine Arts Fees Grant (FAF Grant) for noncredit activities that:

  • Enhance student learning, and/or
  • Enhance the student experience for the larger University community, and/or
  • Create or host virtual fine arts events  - some grant proposal possibilities are hosting virtual master classes or guest lectures, creating virtual arts events, attending a virtual conference – or whatever you can envision while also following the University’s COVID-19 restrictions.

What kind of things have been funded before? 

  • The School of Music Student Advisory Committee  was funded to host the 6th-annual SOMe (School of Music Ensembles) Festival in March 2021. This event features small student ensembles in a casual performance setting and is organized and produced entirely by students. They plan to expand the performance by inviting other departments from the CFA to join the Music students, and perform outdoors with physically distanced performers and audience members. The audience will vote for their favorite groups in several imaginative non-competitive categories.
  • Character Dance Ensemble in the School of Dance was funded to host a virtual masterclass series via Zoom of cultural and folk dances from all over the world. They  planned meeting days for  classes to take place with dance groups and people who specialize in specific cultural dance forms. Teachers includerepresentatives and researchers of the Blackfoot tribe, Iran/Azerbaijan, Japan, Tajikistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan. These classes will consist of the cultural background of the dance and region, and also learning dances from the area. This effort hopes to broaden students' embodied knowledge and repertoire in folk and traditional dance, as well as expand the perception of what folk dance may be.
  • The Art History Student Association in Art & Art History was funded to hold three Zoom lecture events with three guest lecturers. The lectures will allow students to experience extracurricular and broadened Art History curriculum through the current COVID-19 world. The art historians they plan on inviting will also tackle diverse art historical topics including the Black Lives Matter movement and current social conditions as well as work relevant to pandemic circumstances. Additionally, they hope to make the Zoom lectures available online to the public regardless of professional or academic affiliation.  

Ready to apply? 

The FAF Grants website is your resource for important FAF Grants Information: https://www.finearts.utah.edu/students/fafgrants

The University has provided information regarding Sponsored student groups and COVID-19.

FAF Grants proposals for the first grant cycle must be turned into your Departmental FAF Grants Representative prior to or on January 29, 2021.  

Prior to submitting a Fall FAF Grant, please make sure you are leading a Sponsored Student Organization at: https://getinvolved.utah.edu/organizations

If you are not leading Sponsored Student Organization and you are interested in becoming sponsored by the College of Fine Arts, please email  for information on how to become a College of Fine Arts Sponsored Student Organization.