Important Policies

As might be expected, an institution the size of the University of Utah has many policies. While this list is, of course, not complete, we hope to highlight a few policies that you should be aware of. 

Release of Information (FERPA) 

Student records at The University of Utah are governed by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. A student must authorize the University of Utah to release information to any 3rd party, such as a spouse, parent or even themselves via the telephone or email. 

In order to access student records for your courses, you are expected to complete the FERPA Review

Grievance Procedures 

The university encourages informal resolutions of problems through direct conversations, the assistance of administrators, and the use of mediators as appropriate. Many of the University’s formal grievance procedures require an initial attempt at informal resolution before they may proceed. For additional information about grievances, please contact Associate Dean Lien Fan Shen directly or see the Office for Faculty or the Faculty Ombuds.

Relationship Policy 

University Policy 1-020 outlines expectations for professional boundaries in relationships. Romantic and sexual relationships between a person in a position of power and a subordinate student or employee raise issues of exploitation, conflict of interest, and disruption of collegiality and mutual trust within a unit. In addition, supervision of or responsibility for the educational experience of immediate family members also raises concerns about conflict of interest. This policy is intended to provide clear guidance for appropriate practice in such instances. 

If you are in a relationship that falls into these categories, please notify the CFA’s Associate Dean for Faculty & Academic Affairs, Lien Fan Shen, so that appropriate actions may be taken to mitigate any conflicts. 

Sexual Misconduct and Required Professional Boundaries in Relationships Policy 

Rule1-012Bidentifies sexual misconduct and what actions should be taken to resolve such situations. It is the policy of the University of Utah to maintain an academic and work environment free of sexual misconduct for students, employees, and participants. Additionally, Policy 1-020 identifies professional boundaries in supervisory and instructional situations and aims to discourage conflicts of interest in these professional relationships. In those instances in which mitigation of potential and/or apparent conflicts of interest is possible, the policy provides a transparent process to govern those cases. 

Alcohol and Drug Policy 

It is University policy to maintain a drug-free workplace. It is a violation of this policy for employees to engage in the unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensation, possession, and/or use of a controlled substance or alcohol at University workplace, or while engaged in university business off campus. Any person accepting employment with the University agrees to abide by the terms of this policy and procedure. 

University of Utah Tobacco-Free Campus Guidelines 

The University of Utah has a responsibility to its employees and students and visitors to provide a safe and healthful environment as outlined in the Utah Clean Air Act. Research findings show that tobacco use in general, including smoking and breathing secondhand smoke, constitutes a significant health hazard. Smoking is prohibited in all campus buildings and outside areas of campus.

Travel Policy

Information on the University of Utah’s travel policy and can be found here. For questions about navigating travel processes, please contact your departmental business officer. Please note for all International Travel, per University Rule R3-030D, all international travel participants must: Register their University-related travel at least 3 weeks prior to departure date, Enroll in University-affiliated international and emergency evacuation insurance, Abide by all active travel warnings and restrictions. Failure to do so will result in no reimbursement of travel related expenses and, in some cases, university disciplinary action.

Field Trip Policy

During your time at the U, you might plan a field trip (travel) with students, and this can be a wonderful educational experience. However, it is important for you to be aware of the university’s policy regarding field trips. You can find the full policy here

University Motor Vehicle Policy

Information on the University of Utah’s motor vehicle policy can be found here

In addition, the U’s auto liability insurer, State Division of Risk Management mandates online driver training programs for all persons who drive personal, rental or university-owned vehicles on U business. All employees, students or volunteers who operate any vehicle on U business, both as an essential part of their job function or on an occasional basis, must take this interactive training and a short test prior to the first time driving, every two years thereafter and following any preventable accident. 

Please refer to the University Risk & Insurance Services (URIS) website for additional information about vehicle training programs and instruction. 

University Non-Discrimination Policy 

Information on the University of Utah’s non-discrimination policy can be found here. This is the primary policy that informs the University community of the University’s commitment to preventing prohibited discrimination and fostering an academic, employment, and health care environment that is free from prohibited discrimination, including harassment and sexual misconduct. The Office of Equal Opportunity is available to help with any concerns faculty or staff have. 

You can also contact them at 801-581-8365, or . 

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